Space is always a major consideration when choosing furnishings for your home. They must not be too big or too small, or risk making a space smaller than it already is, or provide insufficient seating. When you opt for furniture pieces from Ozzion Italia, space won’t be much of a problem, since they provide solutions that maximise space. That is, you will furnishings that offers more than one function, making them more than sufficient.

The Ozzio Italia History

The beginning of the 60s marked the birth of Ozzio, as a business venture of the Pozzoli Group in the Brianza area. It was the period of fervent design, but Ozzio focused on functional and logical products, setting the stage for furnishings that allow effective use of space. The company’s goal was to partner with an Italian retailer that prized quality more than anything, while carving a slice of the international market.

Ozzio offers a range of bookcases, coffee tables, dining tables, space-saving tables, chairs and stools.

The Ozzio Italia Craftsmanship

Creating solutions that maximise space was achieved through innovative design centred on the concept of saving space. Ozzio Italia specialises in manufacturing furniture pieces that transform according to a client’s needs. The modern 'Transformobil' table, for example, is a coffee/console table that transforms into a dining table through the use of a gas-powered lifting system. Extension leaves extend the table to accommodate up to 10 people. Doing the process in reverse, will bring the coffee table back.

Ozzio Italia continues to research on ways to maintain high quality, and improve its line of products, while staying true to its space-saving concept. Unlike other furniture companies, Ozzio Italia puts the client at the centre of its interior design projects. This allows them to create products that are dynamic, space saving and provides a solution to a lack of space typical of the modern life.

Ozzio Italia offers a complete collection of space-saving products that are a result of patented studies, characterised by slim lines and clever transformable systems.

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