Choose your furnishings wisely and you will be surrounded by luxury, relishing elegance and sophistication within the comforts of your home. What the Oasis Group provides, however, are furniture pieces and accessories that will turn your home into a great escape. A sophisticated living room, and an opulent bathroom right at your fingertips.

The Oasis Group History

A century-old family business, Oasis is owned by the Quaia family and was established in 1908 in Italy, particularly in the Friulian hills. It was FlorianoQuaiawho opened his first carpentry workshop, and started it all. The workshop was intended to create furniture that will last a lifetime.

But it was his son, Bernardo Quaia, who laid down the foundations of Oasis in 1945. It would later become the company where the first pieces of decorative furnishings for the Oasis Group will be developed. It wasn’t until 1984, however, that the Oasis brand was established by Bernando’s son, Francesco Quaia. It was also during this time when the business branched out to bathroom furniture.

Today, the Oasis Group offers clients a wide range furnishings for the Home, the Bathroom and the Contract Industry, with a market presence in more than 25 countries worldwide. Regardless if the project is for both residential and professional purposes, the Oasis Group has the furniture collection that you need.

The Oasis Group Craftsmanship

The family business is built around tradition, courage and strong identity. The furniture design, on the other hand, centres on artistry, style and luxury. The Oasis Group draws inspiration from “the sense of Art Deco-manner beauty”, with icons, such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiapparelli, as design references.

The choice of decorative line, sensual contours and brilliant metals and colours are reflective of the world of fashion, stylised decorations and modernist architectures. It takes characteristics of the artistic period, and combines it with great Italian design and architecture, to create a luxury collection that will brighten up any interior and add elegance to the environment.

Developing and creating a sophisticated collection involves the talent of skilful craftsmen with an Italian heritage. Placing a high value on artisanal tradition also enabled the Oasis Group to produce unique yet universal furniture designs. The company works with workshops specialising in glass, metal, mirror and gold manufacturing.

In the midst of all this, the goal is to help create a complete and coordinated luxury interior with the right furniture pieces.

2012 saw the revision and relaunch of the Home line under the Oasis label, with inspiration from contemporary and cosmopolitan style. Monobrand flagship showrooms opened in London and Hong Kong in 2013, in addition to the brand’s presence in Belgium, France,Russia,Germany,Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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