Nou is a Dutch company manufacturing high-quality furniture, such as chairs, cabinets, sofas and tables, which are enjoyed worldwide. It is sold in several countries, including Belgium, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the United States.

It started out as a producer of Loom wicker furniture in the late 80s. It was furniture manufacturer Marshall B. Lloyd who discovered the braid material 'Loom' used in the production process. He patented the material as well as the manufacturing process he developed.

Over 150 employees produce highly crafted pieces that meet superior quality standards.

Nou Design and Production

Every furniture piece, from stylish dining chairs to attractive tables, are made based on quality. After all, Nou is a renowned producer of high-quality furniture. The company has a modern factory that has been in operation for over 20 years, producing items that showcase excellent craftsmanship.

All Nou furniture is produced in-house using the latest technologies mixed with traditional manufacturing processes. The company only uses carefully selected materials, which often involves working intensively with many suppliers to achieve the objective set and to maintain consistent quality. Nou uses a variety of oak, a good number fabrics, and a few loom colours.

Nou brings to the world Dutch furniture at its best. Designed with superior quality, every piece guarantees years of enjoyment.

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