Specialising in stylish contemporary furniture for children’s bedroom, Nidibatis offers modern bunk and loft beds and modular wall units for children’s and young adult’s bedrooms. The company also manufacture office furniture items that will work just as well for adults as it will for children.

Nidibatis was founded in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo, Treviso by Alfredo Battistella. With technological innovations added to traditional artisan’s workshop, the company’s traditional furniture manufacturing became a real industry. combined with the founder’s lively business approach, Nidibatis thrived and succeeded in its sector.

In 1963, the first line of children's bedrooms in laminate was launched in the Italian market. The curved, laminate-faced door was also patented. With the positive feedbacks the company received, they continued experimenting with other materials and the use of PVC in furniture was born.

Today, Nidibatis is managed by the next generation that moved the company to the new millennium, producing children’s bedrooms that combine design and play.

Nidibatis Design and Production

Nidibatis has a production capacity of more than 200 people, designing and developing furniture solutions that showcase quality, technology, design, and service. Research and product optimisation are two things that the company heavily invest in, resulting in a collection that has tangible values.

Every item goes through a production process using new technologies and automated production lines that guarantee quality and safety of the highest standards. The company uses computer systems and tools to aid interior decorators and retailers and to reduce production time and cost.

The same tools and technologies allow for bespoke furniture service and customisation. Clients can choose from a range of finishes that suit their unique preferences.

Nidibatis’ children’s furniture is made of panels and metal parts and upholstered using only the finest of fabrics, natural or synthetic. To ensure comfort and safety, padding is used and non-allergenic and anti-dust mite materials are used. Skilled cabinet makers are employed to process and assemble the furniture.

The company also has a range of carpets made by Indian carpet weavers and real experts in the carpet-making industry.

Nidibatis adopts an automated warehouse system to ensure optimum and efficient production. Not only does it ensure better quality but also allow product management to keep an eye on inventory from a distance.

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