Neff is a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances that “make the perfect kitchen partner”. The company is part of a German firm BSH Home Appliances that also creates dishwasher for Siemens and Bosch.

Neff is known for providing an extensive range of appliances built to the highest of standards. It comes with innovative features that will transform the way you cook, eat and get creative in the kitchen. Every appliance is built to anticipate your needs and desires, making it the perfect companion.

The company manufactures ovens, hobs, extractor hoods, and fridge and freezers. But it is popularly known for their specialisation of creating built-in dishwashers that are both semi and fully integrated. Most of these items score high in independent scientific tests that have been conducted. These measure the ability of a Neff dishwasher to clean and dry dishes, convenience in loading items to be washed, energy consumption and noise output.

Neff Expertise

As manufacturer of kitchen appliances, Neff makes sure every equipment works hard, so you can complete your daily tasks without difficulty. Their products are built to the highest standards and quality, and comes with innovative features that will make kitchen work less of a hassle.

Anyone can benefit from the company’s expertise in developing innovative kitchen appliances. Whether you are a Celebrity chef or a mum who is always on the go, you will appreciate what Neff has to offer.

Neff Products

What Neff brings to the kitchen is nothing short of impressive. Designed with beauty and functionality, each appliance has something to boast about.

Innovative Preservation System

Neff fridges come with VitaFresh®, a preservation system that helps ensure long life span for food, particularly produce, and retain its freshness for a longer period. This reduces wastage by up to three times. The VitaFresh® 0?C drawer is guaranteed to have 90% humidity that will extend the life of produce for up to 3 days. Nutrition levels and taste would not be affected in any way as well.

Efficient Dishwashing

Neff specialises in built-in dishwasher of different types. Each one is designed to consume less water and energy, but cleans dishes just as thoroughly. A full-size dishwasher can have 12 or 13 place settings. Some of its innovative features include child lock and delay timers.

It also comes with Neff Sparkle®, a programme that automatically changes its action when washing glassware. It treats glass with extra care, and rinses it carefully through the use of AquaVario, a sensitive spray system that uses low pressure.

Contemporary Kitchen Appliances by Neff

Slide & Hide

Neff offers the Slide&Hide® oven that provides easy access to food, without occupying a lot of room in the kitchen. It is a space-saving solution that is perfect for small kitchens, such as those in galley style. Since access to the oven’s interior is completely uninhibited, you can taste, monitor or baste food quickly and easily. This also ensures drops or spills can be avoided, even when lifting out large and heavy items from the oven. With the hot oven door out of the way, you also eliminate the possibility of burning by accidental contact.

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