Creating a fun and quirky interior is as easy as adding the right furnishings – from lighting to accessories. Instead of just using bright and bold colours and patterns, however, opt for furniture pieces that are not only decorative, but downright unusual as well. Mogg has the exact design products that you need. Not only do they provide furniture items that are “slightly quirky”, but also unique enough to become conversation starters.

The Mogg History

MObili (furniture) OGGetti (objects) or simply Mogg, is an Italian furniture company that was launched by former architect turned furniture designer, Nicola Galbiti, in 2012. It was born out of Galbiti’s desire to pursue his passion as an art director, while maintaining his love for design and architecture. Being in the furniture and design business for a long time, Galbiti has the skills and industry knowledge, and a pragmatic view of business. The combination made him a force in the furniture industry.

The Mogg Craftsmanship

Research is what drives Galbiti to do what he does best, while his skills and knowledge in the field made him an expert. The company’s production process is characterised by versatility and dynamism, although its focus is more on graphic cuts, rather curved lines. Dynamism comes in the choice of materials, combining extreme opposites, such as cold and warm, soft shape and intense shades, and stylish look but without the frills.

Mogg’s design philosophy centres on a well-defined identity that is fresh and is a direct result of curiosity, and the desire to embrace the modern concept of living. Their goal is to create products that will surprise people, lifting them out of their boredom from the usual and from furnishings in serial production. Each item is designed to have the feel and exclusivity of items marked as limited editions.

The company maintains aesthetics, functionality and emotion on every product made, but with a strong note of character and style. As already mentioned, Mogg wants to create items that leave a mark, rather than be another part of the herd.

One of its most iconic creations is the T-Chair, designed by Annebeth Philips. It has all the makings of a traditional dining chair, except for the backrest that is shaped like a T-shirt. Thus, the name. Available in multiple colours, including black and white stripes, it is one furniture piece that is sure to add a sense of humour to any interior.

If you prefer a less conventional set of coffee table and stools, Claudio Bitetti’s Queen Stool and King Stool are just what you need. Reminiscent of a chess piece with the look of corkboard, they make a unique pair suitable for a place greatly in need of style and creativity. The height difference makes it easy to identify which one can be used as a coffee table and which one is the stool.

Mogg guarantees products that are not only unique because of their exclusivity, but also because they are unlike any furniture pieces you will find on the market.

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