Characterised by a unique form with practical functionality, Llll Light brings unconventional to the world of lighting. Even the flower pots the company produces transcend the normal and common.

It started with the desire to exploit the tension of fabric. Sarah Dehandschutter wanted to see what happens when the fabric is stretched to the extremes over rods bent into various form. The result is a light sculpture unlike any other.

Llll Light brings to the world suspended lamps, ceiling lights, standing lamps, floor lights and other lighting solutions with playful shapes but with practical applications.

Llll Light Design and Production

Design can be described simply as unique. But the process of development is nothing short of intensive. The lighting fixture doesn’t follow any shape in the books but is designed to achieve a natural elegance with a streamlined character. The idea is to create a form that looks different from every angle.

Every lighting solution is made of polyester tricot, a knitted fabric that is semi-transparent, and a frame in aluminium rods bent into various shapes and then joined and positioned by a hinge. The combination of materials results in a lighting fixture that is beyond imagining.

The mesh fabric creates a rich, fascinating moiré effect when the light source is switched on, while the modular frame allows for a great range of lamp skeletons. This also made it possible to create lamps that are adjustable, foldable, and easily replaced when needed. Copper wire is also knitted along the lamp’s light to further accentuate the golden glow or moiré effect.

Llll Light uses an LED strip that is incorporated into the aluminium frame. The high-quality warm light shines brightly on the edges and disperses equally throughout the shape of the lamp, creating a radiant diffusion of light.

All Llll Light lighting solutions are handmade with a few modern tools added into the mix to ensure a stable production even on a small scale.

The company also produces flower pots that are organically shaped instantly recognisable with the asymmetrically twisted triangles that make up every piece. The unique shape is also made possible with the use of stretched fabric over a frame, then reproduced using fibreglass. The flower pots are then finished using a high gloss car polish.

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