A furniture manufacturer in Buttrio, Italy, Linee Pulite is one of the several furniture companies and stores in the municipality. But it distinguishes itself through their passion and dedication in the art of design making.

Founded in the late 80s, Linee Pulite was born out the founder’s previous experience in the business of traditional solid wood processing. With the knowledge acquired in the production of quality tables and chairs, Linee Pulite was built with the intention to succeed in the national market and break through the international arena.

Today, Linee Pulite is active in both residential and contract sectors and gets a sizeable slice of the international market.

Linee Pulite Design and Production

Based in the home of tradition, creativity, and quality, the company produces a range of furniture items that are not only objects of mass production, but a result of long hours and intensive experiment, development, testing, inspection and even failures. Each piece is a joy that came out of weeks or months of frustrations.

With an understanding that quality is a continuous search for creativity, safety, and optimal materials, combined with a keen eye for art, design, and the evolution of life and living, Linee Pulite provided contemporary solutions that meet the requirements of today’s modern world.

For the company, design is meant to give desires a tangible and distinct shape, to give emotion colour, and to develop a line of thought and experience. Every new project, material, and finish are a new beginning.

Linee Pulite’s products transform a space and the people’s perception of it.

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