Accessories and ornaments have the power to bring together several pieces found in one room. But the wrong item can create a different effect, creating visual chaos rather than appeal. Gaas’ high quality interior design objects and lighting, however, are made to ensure perfection is achieved and beauty is created.

The Gaas History

Based in Gemany, Gaas is a family-based company known for manufacturing glass for a variety of functions, such as a vase or a lighting shade. Every piece is inspired by different forms of nature and cultural artefacts discovered while travelling, during close observation or intuition. With a deep respect for traditional artisan skills, Gaas’ manufacturing process is handmade and follows a craft tradition that has long been established.

The Gaas Craftsmanship

Gaas maintains sustainability, from the choice of material down to its production process. The company primarily uses glass in creating amazing masterpieces, and combines it with metal, leather, natural stone or wood, when the need calls for it.

In creating each unique, high quality product, the magic starts from Gaas’ studio in Germany, where a mould in plaster or metal is created. Following further processing, it is then passed on to exclusive family-owned handicraft factories, where a team of artists and designers will work on a particular to achieve perfection.

Most of the products require a high level of experience, skills, strength and coordination. This is why Gaas only produces small editions, giving a client a level of exclusivity that mass-produced items can’t deliver.

Glassblowing is both an art and a science that artisans connected with Gaas know plenty of. The process requires careful coordination and skills that no machine can mimic. The demand to maintain the Gaas trademark of characteristic and sophisticated forms, means only qualified craftsmen can perform glass blowing. This guarantees excellent products cut and made by hand.

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