Presented in Paris in early 2010, Frato Interiors was established and developed by Carlos and Patricia Santos. Its name was taken from Francisco and Tomás, the founder’s twins. It also signifies brotherhood in Ludwik Zamenhof's Esperanto.

The furniture and lighting company has its roots in Portugal, where the art of furniture made its mark during the Age of Discovery, between centuries XV and XVII, when the country managed to tap into rich and rare materials from all over the world. This gave rise to a prosperous class of designers and craftsmen with ingenious skills, and whom have persisted to this day.

Since its introduction, Frato Interiors have penetrated over 30 countries, with a presence in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. This is just the start of achieving a global presence. Frato Interiors has a showroom in Singapore, and can be seen in Al Tayer in Dubai, and Harrods in London.


Frato Interiors combine “traditional mastery and state-of-the-art design” in producing furniture, lamps and comfortable upholstery. Each masterpiece is fully designed, fashioned and produced in Portugal.

With influences from some of the world’s magnificent places, interiors and lifestyle concept, Frato Interiors produces a collection that is versatile, scalable and a fusion between class and contemporary styles. Each item is made to the exacting taste and with the specific needs of a client in mind. It is also reflective of a customer’s personal interpretation of what life is and should be.

With Frato Interiors furniture and lighting in your home, you will be able to create an environment that is conducive to style, comfort and pleasure.

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