Evitavonni was born out of the founders’ passion for creating environments suitable for a luxurious lifestyle and classic couture design. Kate and Michel Erwich started with an interior design gallery in Surrey in 2007, where they showcased bespoke interiors, kitchens, bathrooms and gardens.

The gallery provided clients a peek of the kind of design projects Evitavonni offers and what they can pursue. It provided them with an experience that can become an everyday occurrence when brought into their homes.

The founders knew that a perfect environment can be created through a collection of luxurious fabrics, handcrafted furniture pieces, classic bed linen, and elegant accessories. And, in 2010, they launched their first range of fabrics and bed linen that is opulent and classic, respectively. It was also the same time that they opened Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, a prestigious trade showroom.

Evitavonni Design and Production

The fabric collection is born out of the passion for craftsmanship, classic couture design, and quality of Creative Director Kate Erwich. Specialist weavers from around the world, including the remaining heritage mills in the UK, produce the Evitavonni fabrics with a focus on the so-called natural and noble variety. These include linen, wool, and silk.

Fabrics are made to give clients a feel of something polished and sleek but deeply comfortable and rich. They are the fabrics to create a relaxing and magnificent atmosphere.

Evitavonni’s furniture series is designed to complement the collection of fabrics and bed linen. Each piece showcases quality design and craftsmanship that only the British knows how to deliver. Handcrafted and made of the finest materials and finishes, furniture pieces from Evitavonni are guaranteed durable and premium quality.

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