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Radiators are an essential part of residential establishments. Without them, space heating by steam or circulating hot water would not be possible. Although there are other ways to keep a home heated, the use of radiators has proven reliable and effective time and again. Its efficiency and economy, however, greatly depends on the kind of radiator installed and whether or not it is operating properly.

There are different types of radiators – vertical radiators, towel radiators, column radiators and electric radiators, among others. Depending on where it will be installed, radiators UK are also categorised as home radiators and bathroom radiators. Most modern radiators have become inventive and innovative in terms of form, style and colour. Our radiators not only look beautiful but they are engineered to the very highest standards. 

Vertical Radiators
Towel Radiators
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So how do you choose the best radiators in UK?

Always remember the three factors that matter: heat output, room specifications and radiator type.

Calculate how much heat is needed within each room on a per hour basis. Heat output is usually measured in British Thermal Units per hour, and is dependent on a room’s type, size, level of insulation and other key factors that could keep the heat in or out, such as open fireplaces.

Column Radiators
Bathroom Radiators
Electric Radiators



Vertical radiators are not only a source of heat, but also a decorative element in your home. Because of its tall and slim design, it doesn’t take up much wall space and can become a focal point in a room, depending on its colour and finish.

B2 Vertical Radiator by Bisque
Crea Therm Vertical Radiator by Bisque
Flat Panel Vertical Radiator by Bisque


A towel radiator is installed in bathrooms because of its effective heating and towel drying performance. It is one product that provides you with a perfectly warmed towel that you can use after a shower or bath, even when mornings and evenings are cold.

Arteplano Towel Radiator by Bisque
Blok Towel Radiator by Bisque
Chime Towel Radiator by Bisque


A column radiator is a favourite choice because of its great heat outputs. It is also one of the most affordable and attractive options. Clients can choose column radiators in different sizes and dimensions.

Calidor Column Radiator Zehnder
Fare Column Radiator by Zehnder
Tetro Column Radiator by Bisque


Towel radiators are just one type of bathroom radiator. Depending on the size of the space that needs to be heated, you can have a towel rail, a full radiator or a combination of both installed.

Classic Bathroom Radiator by Bisque
Pera Bathroom Radiator by Bisque
Nobis Bathroom Radiator by Zehnder


Radiators operate either by steam or electricity. The advantage of electric radiators are that they come in portable versions, eliminating the installation hassle that usually comes with steam radiators.

Flow Form Electric Radiator by Bisque
Serenity Extractor Fan by Bisque
Zanzibar Electric Radiator by Bisque

fci is a leading provider of radiators in the UK, carrying designer and trusted brands. They offer functional, efficient and economic radiators without sacrificing style and aesthetics. The choice of products vary from traditional to contemporary and innovative. The line of bathroom, kitchen and general radiators they carry include, for example, Ellisse Radiator by Bisque and Calidor Radiator by Zehnder. Every radiator has the beauty and functionality that you can expect from fci, a provider of high quality products and services.






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