Since 1948, Dallagnese has brought to the world furniture pieces that are worthy of the mark “Made in Italy”. Anyone who trusts this label is guaranteed to get 100% Italian origin quality on the items they purchased.

The company played an important role in the history of the furniture sector. Since it started, it has actively and consistently provided products that are of high quality and are in keeping with the times.

Their goal was to create complete furnishings without the need for outsourcing to outer factories. They wanted to be hands-on with every manufacturing process, from the inception and selection of raw materials right through to product completion.

The company is committed to providing customers with a wide and full range of furnishings to choose from, and a choice of occasional accessories and furniture. They offers furnishings for different parts of the home, from the living room to the bedroom. This stays true to its reputation as a “company at the disposal of your comfort”.

Dall'Agnese Expertise

Dallagnese’ expertise can be seen through its certificate of 100% MADE IN ITALY. It was awarded to the company by the Institute for the Protection of the Italian Products (ITPI) because of the expertise of its workers and the technology used in its production facilities. The combination guaranteed quality that is fully Italian.

The certificate also indicated that all furnishings were completed in Italy, using Italian semi-finished products. Each piece was built with materials that are natural and of first quality. It was also based on exclusive design and drawings that were followed using handcrafted production.

Dallagnese has a 2000-square metre showroom that houses a full range of products and collections. A wide range of furniture items, from classic to contemporary, are set within the showroom, complete with accessories and sofas. This is designed to give visitors an immersive experience and show them a glimpse of what their house can look like when it is decked out with Dallagnese furnishings.

Dall'Agnese Products

Products from Dallagnese are divided into 3 categories: Day, Night and Classic.

Day line is furnishings designed for the living room, dining room and kitchen. Part of it is the Day System that is composed of modular elements suitable for the dining area, such as the modular wall units. A good example is the free-standing module that serves as a dynamic wall system. The metal bookcase is made up of a compartment of shelves in different sizes. This creates a unique system of storage units.

Night line is a collection of beds, storage units, night stands and wardrobes that are intended to make a bedroom comfortable and functional. Wardrobes and walk-in closets come in different shapes and sizes, with a choice of sliding or regular doors.

Beds, on the other hand, come with padding and are covered with leather, imitation leather and fabric. Finishes vary from wood to other material or metal finishes.

Classic line is home furnishings with timeless and classic design, characterised by intricate carvings, curves and other old-world features. Items in this collection are mostly made of wood and often grand in style and stature.

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