Your choice of furnishings and accessories can transform an interior into something beautiful and visually appealing, regardless of its size and layout. Provided that you make the right choice of products, of course. When you opt for CRAVT Original, however, it will be easier to achieve a sophisticated look and style in your home, office or hospitality interiors. With a wide range of products on offer, CRAVT Original is also your one-stop source for all things furnishings.

The CRAVT Original History

Formerly known as DK Homes, CRAVT Original is a Dutch company known for their love of natural materials, used in their timeless furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures. They offer an exclusive collection of interior objects that are extraordinary and eye-catching, made possible through a natural finish derived from materials provided by nature. These include egg shell, shell, semi-precious stones, silver leaf, mother of pearl and stingray.

In keeping with its concept of extraordinary and eye-catching, the design of CRAVT Original products is anything but conventional, usual and ordinary. The goal is to inspire, challenge the mind, and enable the eyes to see beyond what is right before your eyes.

The CRAVT Original Craftsmanship

CRAVT Original takes pride in its ability to incorporate the Art of Craftsmanship into every furniture piece, accessory or lighting product they introduced to the world. This is made possible through the team of craftsmen and women whose skills and knowledge have been inherited from artisans before them.

These artisans are carefully chosen from the shores of Asia, home of the people whose mastery of age-old techniques transcend time, and who never create products that will not bring them enormous pride. Asians are also known for their uncanny ability and knack for creating something out of Mother Nature’s gifts. Unequalled precision, perseverance and attention to detail are evident in the level of craftsmanship every item showcases. This is why products from CRAVT Original become personal treasures each and every time.

One of the finest examples of the CRAVT Original craftsmanship is the use of ‘shagreen’, or stingray and shark skin. Its use was first popularised by Jean-Claude Galluchat, a master leatherworker in the court of Louis XV. But it was artisan John Paul Cooper who discovered the outstanding qualities of shagreen that is similar to leather and mother of pearl. Therefore, it is both delicate and hard at the same time, making it difficult to work with. But artisans of CRAVT Original has made different products out of them.

Handmade by the best artisans, you are guaranteed only the best and most amazing products from CRAVT Original. Uniqueness is also a vital feature, what with the combination of original design and traditional skills. This also means CRAVT Original can breathe new life to old and traditional crafts.

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