Where only the best and most impressive rugs and carpets will do, Carve will never disappoint. A unique company manufacturing carpets and rugs, their products are made to liven up any setting, add pops of colour, and crank elegance and luxury to a whole new level.

Carve is based in Coimbra, Portugal, but has made its presence known the world over through various exhibitions – regional, national and international. They have showcased their products in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Moscow, Brussels, Milan, Sao Paulo, and many others.

Rugs and carpets are distributed to B2B channels, which made Carve the only carpet solution that luxury homes and hotels trust.

Carve Design and Production

The company has an experienced team of designers that develops and produces collections that are differentiated and innovative. The goal is also centred on maximum customer satisfaction, and all their daily efforts are geared towards achieving it.

Carve also customises carpets for clients who prefer a design or texture that is exclusively and uniquely for them. The company keeps a good handle on product development.

Unique doesn’t begin to describe Carve’s collections, with themes that run from typical to unconventional. The Jeans collection, for example, pays homage to one of the most popular pieces of clothing and showcase what the back part, belt area, and front will look like when several pieces are put together to create one stunning rug.

The choice of materials includes cotton, wool, leather, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, and viscose. Some products are made with a combination of any of these materials and come with backing. Most are for domestic use but are now making their way into commercial and contract settings.

Rugs and carpets are available in many different sizes, depending on the collection. They also come in thin or thick ply.

Carve’s sales teams offers personalised customer support in France, Portugal, and Spain.

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