Based in Porto, Portugal, Boca do Lobo was founded by designers Ricardo Magalhães and Amândio Pereira in 2005. The furniture design company is known the world over for their unique handcrafted pieces.

They not only wowed the world with their amazing creations but have proven time and again that they make some of the most impressive furnishing solutions with awards attached to their name. During the 2011 Maison et Object in Paris, three of their products were chose to present the best design trends for 2011 by trend forecaster Nelly Rodi.

Today, Boca do Lobo is part of the MeninaDesign Group, with a factory on Rio Tinto, and an office in Oporto.

Boca do Lobo Design and Production

The company has a simple goal in mind – to become the best in the design and production of furniture. Fuelled with the concept of providing clients an experience, Boca do Lobo became know the world over as the “jeweller” of furniture design. They not only make furniture pieces, they make masterpieces of them.

As what CEO Amândio Pereira said, “We design for surprise and to move them. It is like a culture”. And that is exactly what they managed to do successfully. Whenever the brand name comes up, people should think along the lines of unique, structurally and architecturally.

As handcrafted furniture items go, Boca do Lobo makes them in a way that they showcase the artisan’s own emotion and passion. They become tangible representations of what the craftsmen feel and love but will take on a unique identity when set at home and surrounded by a new way of life.

What makes Boca do Lobo furniture pieces unique is the use of both contemporary technology and traditional manufacturing techniques. The combination of materials also exudes classic innovation. The company’s Grandfather clock, for example, has a hand-carved frame in mahogany with a digital clock encased in a box made of smoked glass. The pendulum is made of stainless steel.

The D.Manuel cabinet, on the other hand, is nothing like any storage unit as it looks like a jewellery box or a precious stone enlarged, with compartments inside. The doors are cleverly built that they would be invisible to the eye when closed.

When it comes to unique furniture items that are handcrafted to perfection, the name Boca do Lobo always comes to mind. Their products are sold through exclusive boutiques and furniture distributors around the world.

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