Nowadays, more and more people are opting to work from their houses or hostels. As long as you have your laptop and internet, you can be as productive as colleagues in the office. You don’t need an entire spare room or huge space in order to design a home office; even a few inches can be utilized by building customized shelves to arrange books, or a comfy chair placed in a corner. True, you’ll need more personal discipline in order to be as productive at home as you would in an office; but again, this discipline is determined largely by your work station; a neat and comfy home office design will inspire and encourage you to work more, longer. Have a look at some of the home design ideas that are trending in 2018;

  • Confidentiality on the corner; take advantage of corners that can be utilized in your home and convert them into office space. Get a chair and a table, sneak in a lamp and before you know it, everything’s changing.  Don’t worry about storage space, get an old box and use that to store your magazines and other stationary.  Alternatively, why not build some shelves on the corner to neatly arrange your books and journals!

custom trendy home office design ideas

  • Custom designed furniture; another interesting trend that’s gaining traction in 2018 is customizing your furniture, so that it blends in with the general design of the house. You want to ensure that the seat is comfortable since you’ll spend numerous hours sitting there; but the aesthetic aspect also counts. What’s the color of your walls, curtains, how is the lighting; pick furniture that will naturally blend in with the overall interior design.
  • A blend of nature; a nice flower vase or pot placed strategically near your work station can work magic.  Get a nicely designed flower pot and place it at the corner of your desk or near a main window. It acts as a perfect distraction from your screen when you’re working and thinking out solutions. Nowadays, some people are actually opting for the fish aquariums to be placed in their home offices, rather at the living room, as has been traditionally the case. Working on your quiet home office, with colorful fish swishing and swashing by in their enclosed, nicely lit aquarium; it’s a sure way to calm your mind when you’re working long hours sitting from the same place.

Home office design ideas

  • Casual elegance; the essence of a home office is not to replicate a real office 100%. Rather, it’s to create an inspiring and comfortable environment where you can get your assignments done. Thus, feel free to customize your space, make it costly by injecting a feminine touch. How do you do that? Get some costly cushions and place them on the office chair for more comfort, have a flask of hot water with you rather than sitting and rising each time you need to prepare coffee. If you’re completely with no space for shelves to arrange your books and magazines, get a basket and arrange them neatly inside. Bold colors tend to excite our mind and keep us alert. If you have to get wallpapers or paint the office it’s recommendable to opt for brighter colors, augmented with moderate lighting.

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