It’s not just the interior of your home that can benefit from the addition of home decor and accessories, introducing a few key accessories to your garden can add personality and style too. The smaller details go a long way to influencing how we feel in a space. The same goes for your garden, which can be dressed to create a relaxing atmosphere and a space we are happy to spend time in.

This is especially important if your house is well connected to your garden. Continue your home decor outside, with these beautiful outdoor garden accessories from Unopiu, to add a little luxury style…

1. Rectangular Panama Rug in Weave Navy Blue

Add a splash of Mediterranean colour to your garden, with the Rectangular Panama Rug in Weave Navy Blue by Unopiu. Ideal for adding focus to your dining or seating area, try placing under your outdoor coffee table or dining table to create a stylish space that’s clearly zoned from the rest of your garden. In a lovely weave finish, this laidback style is the perfect way to introduce all year round colour.

2. Jolly Cylindrical Cushion with Cover

This is the perfect partner for any sunlounger or day bed. Ideal for supporting the back or placing under the knees when lying down, the Jolly Cylindrical Cushion with Cover will take your comfort to the next level. You won’t be able to resist getting this out on a sunny saturday afternoon.

3. Chalice in Cast Iron

Place either side of your bi-fold or French doors to create a grand entrance to your garden, leading on to your beautiful lawn or patio area. The Chalice in Cast Iron make for the ideal luxury planters to add that extra special finishing touch. Alternatively, mark out the start of the path down into the garden by placing one of these either side, or add to your seating area to create high-end style. Ideal for hydrangeas and other oversized blooms.

4. Round Garden Umbrella

Rectangular garden umbrella garden accessories by unopiuA stylish garden umbrella is a must for the summer months. Providing some much needed shade, the Round Garden Umbrella by Unopiu perfectly balances style and functionality. Detachable and easy to move, you can create a shaded canopy for those really hot days, and simply put the umbrella down when you want to soak up the sun.

5. Hammock Complete With Net in Grey

This complete hammock features a beautiful net seat in grey. Using intricate knotting to form a strong base, the Hammock Complete With Net in Grey will provide the ultimate relaxation in your garden. Ideal for lazy afternoons, the hammock is so comfortable you mind find yourself struggling to stay awake at times.

This stylish design can be dressed with cushions and blankets to add that finishing touch, while the quality materials will ensure it lasts for years to come.

6. Aton White Lamp

Every garden that’s used for entertaining should feature stylish and sophisticated lighting. This tall floor standing lamp is ideal to create a wonderful atmosphere once the sun has set in the summer. Perfect if you intend on having al fresco dinner parties or cocktail parties, the Aton White Lamp will add a high-end edge as well as the perfect level of light.

7. Oslo White LED Lantern

For a lovely low light, try the Oslo White LED Lantern. Place to the side of your seating area, or on top of your outdoor coffee table, to create a lovely ambiance and add character and charm to your seating area. Also ideal for placing alongside your dining table, this lantern will add a laid back and contemporary style as well as a much needed light source.

8. Diamond Trellis Panels

A great way to increase privacy or seperate a part of your garden off from the rest is by using Trellis Panels. Try placing behind your seating area to create Unopiu round braided rug natural garden accessoriesa structured space that benefits from additional privacy while creating a stylish finish. The Diamond Trellis Panels can be used to grow trellis plants up.

9. Round Braided Rug in Natural

If you want the plants to take centre stage in your garden, choose subtle accessories. The Round Braided Rug in Natural is the perfect option to add comfort under the feet for your seating area. In a lovely natural shade, this rug won’t take away from the rest of the garden, while still adding contemporary style.

10. Etagere Demetra Wall Version Shelves

A little additional open storage is all you need to keep your garden neat and tidy. Ideal for storing small garden tools, or for decorating an empty wall with potted plants, the Etagere Demetra Wall Version Shelves offer stylish storage to help you keep your garden looking great all year round.

For more ideas for garden accessories and adding a luxury finish to your outdoor space, check out the entire Unopiu collection here.

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