As a leading brand in the creation and development of luxury barbecues and outdoor furniture sets, Fesfoc are the ultimate when it comes to creating a stunning outdoor social space. Whether you’re completely remodelling your garden, or simply updating it for the season ahead, look no further than the top 10 luxury outdoor furniture sets from Fesfoc…

  1. krakatoa-elite-point-gas-barbecue-by-fesfocKrakatoa Elite Point-Gas BBQ

Barbecues don’t come much more impressive than the Krakatoa Elite Point-Gas BBQ by Fesfoc. This large BBQ in stainless steel features all the cooking space you need, as well as a built in sink to make cooking up the ultimate BBQ feast simple.

  1. Kauai Outdoor Kitchen Island Bar Stool

If you’re creating an outdoor bar area or updating your current bar, introduce sleek and sophisticated style, with the Kauai Outdoor Kitchen Island Bar Stool. The simple square design is strong and contemporary, making it the perfect seating option for stylish outdoor bars.

  1. Wall Space Separating Planter

Add focus to your garden and zone your outdoor space, with the Wall Space Separating Planter by Fesfoc. Ideal for creating clear separation in an attractive way, this planter will work brilliantly to divide your dining space from your more casual dining area or similar.

  1. best-etna-elegance-barbecue-by-fesfocBest Etna-Elegance Barbecue

This compact BBQ will make the ideal addition to small patio and decking areas. With just the right amount of space for cooking for small parties, the Best Etna-Elegance Barbecue ensures you can be sociable, staying with your guests will you cook alongside your seating area.

  1. Kauai Outdoor Kitchen Island Barbecue

Best for large spaces is the Kauai Outdoor Kitchen Island Barbecue. This stunning piece will create a social hub in your garden, much like a kitchen island would in a large kitchen. Sleek and stylish, you can place bar stools around the island BBQ to entertain guests while you cook.

  1. Illuminated Flower Pots Arabia Planter

Add atmosphere and personality to your outside space, with the Illuminated Flower Pots Arabia Planter by Fesco. This stunning large planter is a great way to add an edge to a space, to help it feel cosy and private. It also doubles up as a lighting feature, casting light across your seating area for when day time gatherings go on long into the evening.

  1. Grills Batur-Elegance Barbecue

This portable BBQ is ideal for gardens with a number of seating areas. Perfectly sized, the Grills Batur-Elegance Barbecue features a sleek design in silver, with a simple square frame and versatile shelf to the bottom.

  1. Tower Stainless Steel Pot Planter

Add the all important finishing touches to your garden seating area, with the Tower Stainless Steel Pot Planter by Fesfoc. Introducing plants in stylish planters is a great way to add colour and sophisticated style.

  1. Luxury Grill Stromboli Force-Luxury Barbecue

This unique and stylish BBQ is the ideal option if you prefer to face your guests and continue to socialise while you cook. Perfect for positioning to face your seating area, the Luxury Grill Stromboli Force-Luxury Barbecue features an open design, ensuring your space flows instead of being cut off by a large and chunky bit of kit.

  1. Krakatoa Elite Professional-Luxury Barbecue

Add a professional feel to your outdoor social space, with the  Krakatoa Elite Professional-Luxury Barbecue. Built in to create a purposeful and versatile area for cooking and preparing food and drinks, this BBQ is sleek in design and features everything you need to host the ultimate al fresco party.

If you feel inspired by the Fesfoc luxury outdoor furniture sets, you can browse more products and our entire Fesfoc collection here: https://www.fcilondon.co.uk/shop/fesfoc.html

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