Over the last decade cooking appliances have been revolutionised, with brands, such as Gaggenau changing how we cook at home. It’s not just about what the latest in appliances enables us to do though, it’s about how they compliment our homes and our lifestyles, with design and practicality being at the forefront of innovative new products.

Smart cooking technology provides more than just new ways to cook at home. Read on to discover how the latest in kitchen tech could enhance your lifestyle…

Enhancing the home…

Studies show that we are spending more time at home. Because of this, we are putting more importance on creating that luxury lifestyle experience, surrounding ourselves with high end and functional design.

Entertaining in the home is becoming more popular too, and having the tools to create a high quality dining  experience with minimum effort is a must. This calls for innovations in technology, to provide us with the appliances that we need to make cooking beautiful meals at home simple.

An increase in the importance of aesthetics means that the way our appliances look is just as important as their functionality. All of this means that the very best in appliances now use the most up to date technologies, as well as striking design in premium quality materials, to enhance the home.

Ensuring we can maximise our spare time…

Most of us crave speed and efficiency when cooking. Therefore, for many people, one of the main benefits of smart cooking is its capacity to save time. Our busy 21st century lifestyles means that our spare time is even more precious than ever before, and smart cooking can help us ensure we have more time to spend with our loved ones and doing what really matters to us.

Smart technology can allow you to preheat the oven from an app or set your cooking to start during your commute home, saving valuable time. Meanwhile, devices such as the Gaggenau Fully Automatic Espresso Machine have built in technology like the continuous flow heater. Essentially, this ensures a constant brewing temperature, and thus reduces the waiting time to provide a hot, aromatic espresso instantaneously.


Providing safety…

Smart cooking appliances have built in technology that enables appliances to react to dangers, compensate for human error and take precautionary safety measures. Smart technology can turn ovens off after certain periods of no use, allow you to check your oven is off after you’ve left the house and, through the use of smart thermometers, alert us when food is cooked to the optimum temperature.

Meanwhile, devices, such as the Gaggenau Vario Flex Induction Cooktop 400 Series, transfer heat to cookware through a magnetic field. Consequently, all heat is transferred to the pan and the stovetop itself does not get hot. With safety features such as this, it is easy to see that smart cooking could actually be a safer alternative to humans in the kitchen.

Creating professional standards…

Due to the fact that we are spending more time at home, this has created an increase in the number of us that are choosing to host dinner parties, instead of dining out. With smart cooking technology, it’s now easier to wow friends and family with a luxury dining experience at home.

The majority of smart devices communicate with each other and a connected app via Bluetooth or WiFi. Apps can detect the cooking times and temperatures from saved recipes, and these can then be picked up by smart devices such as thermometers, smart cookers and slow cooking devices.

It’s clear to see why smart cooking is on the up, with more and more of us turning to advanced appliances and apps to help us create that luxury feel at home.

Cooking and the kitchen environment is one we believe should be an emotive experience at the heart of your home, a philosophy that is believed by our kitchen design team, reflected in our designer kitchen range and embodied in our London showroom.

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