Children’s bedrooms can be messy because this is their private space and where they get to be themselves. Their bedrooms need to be functional but also be a comfortable space where they can relax. There are many different ways to set up a child’s bedroom in a way that it looks tidy but still feels fun and free.

Here are a few tricks that will help you set up your child’s bedroom in a way that they will love;


  • Create Different Zones;

You can create zones for books and study, toys, art, playing, sitting or anything that you think they may need. Zones help your children develop a sense of responsibility as each time there is a misplaced item; they will have to put it back to its designated zone. They also make it easier to find specific items as you will know exactly where to look. Other than that, your children will be calmer if they know exactly there items are especially toys. Creating zones in your children’s bedroom makes the room well organized and tidier.

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  • Use Creative Closets for their Wardrobes;

Children tend to own more items compared to grown-ups. From toys to books and their personal stuff, you probably will need more space for your child than you do for yourself. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that you maximize the space in your children’s bedroom by getting them a functional and well-designed wardrobe. The wardrobe should be able to make use of all the available space. The wardrobe should be creative and have different sized and shaped shelves, drawers and racks. This will bring a lively feel to your children’s bedroom.

design children's bedroom


  • Use Creative Wall Storage and Under-Bed Storage;

When it comes to designing your children’s bedroom, you need to be as creative as you can and think outside the box. Think of improvising the available space to fit everything they have. A bed with drawers is one of the creative ways to maximize space in your children’s bedroom. These drawers can be used to store the excess items to avoid the room from being cluttered. Wall storage can be another creative storage method. You could have shelves mounted on the bedroom walls. These shelves can be used to store books or art supplies for your children. This will create more space for your children to play in their rooms.

design children's bedroom


  • Design their room Based on their Interests;

Kids always have something that they are passionate about. Children may have interest in space objects, cats, dogs, robots, colors, flowers or cartoon characters. Keeping in mind that your children’s bedroom is their personal space, it should be as comfortable as possible. Your children’s bedroom should make them happy and proud. While designing their rooms, engage them and have them give you their preference when it comes to color or paintings. Creating a theme for them helps them settle in quickly into their rooms especially if you just moved into a new home.

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  • Have Different Designs for Shared Bedrooms;

Sometimes space might be limited in your home forcing your children to share a bedroom. A shared bedroom can be just as functional as any other bedroom. Despite the fact that your children might be sharing a bedroom, they each need to maintain their individuality. This means that they do not have to have beddings and furniture with matching designs and colors. You should let each of your children pick the color they want on the walls on their side of the room. They should also be able to select their own beddings and artwork that will hang on their side. The bed sizes, of course, should be the same to keep coherency but every other thing should be different unless they both want the exact same matching things.

design children's bedroom

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