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Tired of looking the same, old outdated bedroom? Is it hard to find what delights you or your bedroom companion visually? Then be our guest and discover our website. We have tonnes of lavishly decorated bedrooms for you, your partner, children, anyone!

Throughout our website, we have over a hundred up-to-date bedroom furnishings such as beds, beside tables through to flooring and wallpaper. There are countless ways to design your own contemporary indulgent bedroom, and with the help of our top London interior designers, with ease your dream relaxing space can be created.

The idea can be quite frightening and unnerving at first, but our specialised luxury designs and expertise will aid you enormously. At the showroom, Harvey Nichols or online, you can view different luxurious bedroom furniture such as beds, mattresses, children’s beds, tables, wardrobes, wallpaper, rugs and flooring. Our interior designers can help you with choosing these, amongst other things to ensure perfect combination of colour schemes, patterns and designs.

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  • Hallway
  • Accessories including mirrors and Lighting


One Of The Best

fci purely is one of the London’s best interior designing companies and we can source any product or designer in the market. Weather its dreaming on a Mattress of Style by Twills or resting your tired feet on a luxurious Alberto Caeiro Carpet, we have you covered. Unlike other brands, fci has been in the business for almost 30 years and there is nothing we cannot assist you with.

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  • Living room

Whatever the product or brand, if it isn’t shown on our website, call us or drop an email and our confident sourcing team will help you with your query.

Everybody watches with awe home magazines, showrooms, stores, houses or movies featuring the dream bedroom you’ve always desired and why not? Its possible nothing is quite so fascinating as wondering what it must feel like to lay your head down each night on the softest pillow on the most luxurious bed waking up to a clean, glamorous room, a true reflection of oneself. We sbeds-fci2ource and ensure the furniture in your room is a reflection of yourself and your designs truly do come to life. Weather your plans and ideas are the epitome of luxury from opulent bedding to magnificent bedroom chandeliers, we have you covered.


If you hesitant or uncertain on where to begin with maximising the luxury quality of your bedroom, surfing through our easy to navigate page or browsing through our articles will be a great place to start. You can also leave your name and number and we can have one of our experienced interior designers contact you. You can also visit our showrooms and begin your journey today!

  • Showroom : Nearest Station Hanger Lane/Stonebridge Park
  • Harvey Nichols: Nearest Station Knightsbridge
  • Telephone: 0208961770

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