The Barcelona-based brand Vibia believes in treating design as part of an experience. From Barcelona, they have grown to housing 10,000 employees and being available in 80 different countries globally today. Their strong international presence is due to their utilisation of local traditions based on design and culture.

Vibia understands the value of talented designers and is equipped with a team of highly skilled individuals who constantly adapt and grow according to the market trends. Their outstanding team includes Ramos and Bassols, Antoni Arola and Eric, Stefan Diez, Xucla, Pete Sans and many more. They prioritise customers – what they want and what they need. 

Vibia lighting products are designed after a close study of how their clients interact with their spaces, often surprising them with solutions that they never knew they needed.


According to their motto, “Light is Creation”. Lighting is not just an accessory; it’s a part of the architecture, interior design and art. It’s a necessity in every interior space and can easily be designed in a way that adds to the aesthetics instead of subtracting from it. Good lighting products can greatly alter the ambience and mood of a space. The designers at Vibia Lighting understand this philosophy and carefully consider it in all their products.

Vibia Lighting has an extensive selection of lighting solutions for both indoors and outdoors. Ceiling lights, wall lights, hanging lights, built-in lights, spotlights, floor lamps – they have it all. A number of their products have won appreciation for their combination of design with practicality.

Refreshing Vibia Lighting at FCI London

Vibia Lighting has an almost unmatched collection when it comes to outdoor lighting. Their Meridiano lights splay a striped pattern across your outdoors through the shadows cast by steel rods placed in a ring formation. They are multifunctional and can be used as a stunning outdoor stool as well. 

The Bamboo floor lamps designed by Antoni Arola and Enric Rodríguez take direct inspiration from the outdoors and seamlessly blend while offering a soft light. 

The multifunctional Empty lamps also double up as a stool and the cuboid forms come in various sizes allowing you to create a multi-level scape across your outdoors. 

Their interior collection also features award-winning products – For Musa, designers Kristoffer Fagerström and Charlotte Ackerman take inspiration from the delicate droplets glinting on leaves. Musa features a circular bowl with a blown glass opal light diffuser with a concealed aluminium dissipater so that the light stays free-flowing and soft. The product was nominated for a NYCxDESIGN awards for its lithesome allure.

Refreshing Vibia Lighting at FCI London

The acclaimed North floor lamp features straight protruding arms from a steel base. The arms can be adjusted at different angles and make a great option for areas where you need focused light. The design is based on a simplified representation of a celestial body hanging in space and is inspired by the North Star. The easy-to-use product has won the #MetropolisLike2019 and 2018 Best of Year award, has been featured as an honouree at the 2019 Hospitality Design Awards as well as winning the 2019 Product Innovation Award. 

The Tube pendant collection is designed by Ichiro Iwasaki. What makes these hanging lamps stand out is how the different lamps are connected by horizontally and vertically running tubes across the ceiling and attaching at a single connection. It resembles urban landscapes and simultaneously gives you the freedom to place lamps however and wherever you want without compromising the aesthetics of a space. The revolutionary product won the 2019 Best of Year award. 

Refreshing Vibia Lighting at FCI London

Apart from these exquisite award-winning products, the brand has many other exemplary, award-winning interior lighting products in its collection as well. The Duo ceiling lamp is lined with oak veneer on the inside cased in an aluminium outer shell. The contrasting materials enhance the bulbous forms of these lights. They’re a perfect option for those with lower ceilings where dangling pendant lightings are not suitable. They’re available in three different finishes; each equally stylish.

Refreshing Vibia Lighting at FCI London

The Tempo hanging lights combine straight and curved lines with an expert balance. They feature three different forms. One has a small round translucent bulb with a horizontal disc attached above which guides the light downwards. The other features an oval diffuser that gradually gets more opaque towards the bottom. The last option has a conical, triangle-like bulb featuring the same translucent glass. This collection of light plays with transparency and opaqueness and everything in between. You can choose from a variety of finishes, materials and even control the amount of light filaments inside.  

The Top wall sconces feature round aluminium shapes that cast a halo-like diffused light around the walls. It comes in a variety of sizes and the largest comes with the option of direct light as well. Top is often placed together in varying sizes which give off the eclectic appeal of abstract art. They’re a perfect way of channelling refined ambience with an artistic flair. 

Another Vibia Lighting product that reflects their classic touch of multi-functionality is the Flat floor lamp. It comes in different sizes and is fitted with single or double metal pans which can be used as table tops – perfect to place centrepieces or vases. Smaller metal pans fitted with lighting illuminate the larger metal pans below and create different levels of illumination. Despite having an airy appearance, these lights are made of steel and aluminium and will stand strong for years.  

Another winning quality about Vibia Lighting is that they involve their clients as co-creators and offer them numerous personalisation options. They don’t put any limits on your creativity; rather they encourage you to utilise your own inspiration and ideas about lighting. They offer unique, out-of-the-box concepts that will live up to your expectations – or even exceed them.

Vibia Lighting products are never bound by one style or approach. This is why it harmonises with all types of residential or commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, galleries, offices, and residential places. The only aspect in which Vibia bounds itself is their quality control. With such a well-rounded and acclaimed collection of lighting, Vibia Lighting has earned its place in FCI London’s selective collection of luxury furnishing brands.

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