In the new day and age most of us have the opportunity to design our own homes down to the last bit. This means also being able to design our wardrobes.

The traditional forms of wardrobes were the closets that have doors, they opened and closed taking almost a quarter of the room. Nowadays we have walk in closets that take the size of a hall.

In the closest one can have the traditional swinging doors, bi-fold doors, open doors or the sliding doors for the wardrobes.

Before we delve into analyzing the benefits of sliding doors, here’s what you need to know about the other wardrobe doors;

Bi-fold doors;

This type of door slides open but folds up and stacks up to the wall while opening

Open wardrobes doors;

Also known as walk in closets, these type of wardrobes have no doors and usually have your clothes and shoes open to the room.

wardrobes with sliding doors

Sliding wardrobe doors;

With a small push, one is able to open and close the wardrobe doors as they slide on the smooth tracks fixed below.

Benefits Of Sliding Wardrobe Doors:

  • They don’t stick out when they are opened and this gives you more space to work with in your bedroom.They enable you to make your room less congested.
  • Without the hustle of opening the doors especially the swinging doors you are also able to arrange your room by even placing a chair or sofa in front without thinking of constantly moving the chair to open the wardrobe.
  • The sliding doors help save time. Getting ready for work or for bed at night can be made easier with sliding doors which don’t require a lot of work and space
  • The sliding doors have a very modern look and have a way to make any room look stylish with a clean finish
  • With them not sticking out is also a low risk of causing accidents especially with children and toddlers around

Disadvantages of sliding wardrobe doors:

There is always the good and the bad of everything including, sliding wardrobes doors.

  • Installation is not easy. It requires lot professionalism and thus is not just a simple DIY project if you wish to get the best results. If you’re looking for professionally fitted and designed wardrobes with sliding doors, then fci London would be your surest bet. They are professional manufacturers of modern wardrobes in London, their sliding door wardrobes are one of a kind.
  • The track of the doors usually attracts a lot of dirt, dust and moulds. Due to this, frequent dusting and cleaning is very essential.
  • Sliding doors are a relatively recent technology in the world of wardrobe design and expectedly, they can be slightly expensive than traditional hinged door wardrobes. Again, feel free talking to fci London for the best bargains of sliding door wardrobes.
  • Due to these types of doors being fairly new in the market there are not many dealers are well equipped to install them.

sliding door wardrobes

Types of sliding wardrobe doors:

Aluminum sliding doors;

The aluminum doors give the ultimate modern look to the room. They are stylish and make a room feel clean.

Wood style doors;

High quality, polished wood is used to give a modern feel. Wooden sliding doors offer a range of different styles and finishes to choose from. This style of doors cannot go out of fashion or be outdated.

Glass doors;

These doors serve more than one purpose when used in a room; they act as wardrobe doors and also a mirror. They help save a lot of space in the room.

The use of a mirror is essential to trap and reflect natural light, hence making your room feel light and vibrant.

Different styles of installing sliding wardrobe doors:

  • Frame within the borders of your sliding doors—framing the doors is important if you want to match your home doors or if you want to add contrast to the color frames of your home
  • Frame the door to the wall—this ensures that the doors disappear into the wall of the room, giving it a clean and classy look.
  • Use a plinth to raise the sliding doors—this adds a different style to the room and helps to not break the floor material feel.
  • Frame the sliding door with a pelmet—this is used in order to cover or hide the wardrobe door track giving the home a clean finish
  • Having no frame on the sliding wardrobe doors—this maintains the look of having installed a sliding wardrobe door thus making it stand out in the room

Steps to take before installing sliding wardrobe doors;

Before taking the step of installing sliding wardrobe doors there are important steps you will need to take. Here at fci London, we always advise our clients to bear the below factors in mind;

  • Know the specific place that you wish to install the doors. By knowing this, you will be able to measure the size of the doors needed, how many are needed and if you will be able to get any that are ready made. Some requirements will require you to have the doors custom made.
  • By knowing the mood of your home and what look you are going for you will be able to choose the best model for you. Each type of sliding door adds a different tone to your home, either, traditional, classy, modern or edgy
  • The budget you have is also a key element to the type of sliding wardrobe door you will have. The good news is that at Fci London furniture has quality sliding wardrobe doors at affordable prices.
  • We can also dispatch our professional interior designers to accompany you to your home where they inspect the space you wish to install the sliding wardrobe. They’ll advise you accordingly.

quality wardrobes with sliding doors

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Accessories:

There are a few accessories to use while installing your wardrobes to ensure that they are long lasting and also easy to use

  • End fillets are used to fit in hanging gaps like in between doors
  • Fixing blocks are essential to securing end pallets securely in the walls and floors
  • End panels are used as protective covers on the sides of your sliding wardrobes
  • Fascia strips are good in creating a classy finished look on the sliding door tracks
  • Spacer blocks are used to cover or reduce gaps between the doors and the ceiling.

When you hire fci London to come and install the sliding wardrobe doors for you, we always come with the accessories you need, saving you the trouble of going to source and buy them.


If you would like to try and install sliding wardrobe doors by yourself, here are a fewsteps to follow.

  • Measure the space you want to use so as to know what size and type of sliding wardrobe door that you should use
  • Ensure that you buy the sliding doors from a reliable source; quality is one of the most important elements in sustainable doors.
  • Prepare the space you want to use by removing old tracks and cleaning up the area to remove dirt and dust
  • Buy the doors that fit the measurement that you have
  • Cut the tracks to fit the space required
  • Install the top tracks- this should be installed further back from the door
  • Install the bottom track- this is not necessary and is dependent on your needs
  • Fit the back sliding door ensuring that the rollers align and fit perfectly in the bottom tracks
  • Fit the front sliding door the same way you did the back door
  • Adjust the rollers using the adjustable screws to fit in order to aid them to roll easily while closing and opening the doors

qualities of sliding door wardrobes

This is just basic steps on how to ‘do it yourself’ however, it is essential to note that the job requires a professional to do the job well. In order to save on time and energy it’s good to hire professionals. It’s a good thing that Fci London offers those services.

Why shop at Fci?

Fci London is a family owned furniture dealer, specializing in high quality furniture for more than thirty years. It has specialized in making the best furniture and has made a name for themselves as one of the leading furniture companies in the UK and all over Europe.

Fci London ensures that;

  • The wardrobe is up to your standards and needs.
  • We have in-house designers and fitters who’ll ensure that your sliding door wardrobe is assembled professionally.
  • You as the customer, have a one on one walk through with the designers ensuring that they fully understand your vision
  • There is a vast selection to choose from in selecting the sliding wardrobes and all in the highest quality, from the cheapest to the most expensive

Visit our London Showroom and view the huge variety of sliding wardrobe doors that we have. Sliding doors are the new trend, so fashionable and stylish. Our prices are affordable and we also offer you flexible payment methods. For more info, get in touch with us via [email protected]

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