In the olden days, office premium setups had limited space, lacked creativity and always felt cluttered and stuffy. They had uniform designs for everyone. The receptionist’s area had the same design as the bosses’ office. However, in the present day, such office setups have become a thing of the past. Employers have discovered how office environments directly affect the employees in terms of productivity, creativity, and comfortability. Employers now focus on the liveliness, flexibility, and comfortability of office spaces. Initially, office spaces had a very formal look; however, nowadays people focus on creating a natural and outdoor atmosphere in their offices. Tech companies were the first to embrace the idea of informal setups. They even added playgrounds for the employees. As a result, the employees became more creative and more productive. This attracted attention from other people who also begun embracing this Idea.

Here are a few Tips on How to Make a Premium Office Setup;

  1. Functional Office Setups;

Premium Office Setup LondonIt is important to have an office setup that is 100% functional. You can equip your office with libraries, bars, gyms, cafes, and restaurants. This leads to more interaction from different employees who meet at these different places during their free time. As a result, there will always be a positive atmosphere within the offices. Other than that, this informal setup helps employees think outside the box and this helps them come up with new creative ideas. The employer will not mind if the idea was discussed in the gym or cafe as long as it adds value to their company.





  1. Environmental Friendly;

Premium Office Setup LondonYour premium office set up should be environmental friendly with an outdoor atmosphere. Eco-friendly office setups boost your employees’ performance. A study has shown that sufficient natural lighting in your office makes your employees happier, healthier and in turn, they become more productive. Having potted plants in the office creates a natural outdoor atmosphere that is believed to improve employee’s memory retention. This helps them achieve more at work. Plants also improve the quality of air in the office and this reduces the rate at which employees fall sick. They also help reduce stress since the color green has a calming effect. Plants also reduce noise levels within the office making the office an ideal working place. For your premium office setup, you can choose plants that thrive in such conditions such as aloes, cacti, rubber plants and peace lilies. Environmental friendly office setups are generally comfortable and stylish.

  1. Install Proper Lighting;

Modern Premium Office Setup LondonProper lighting is known to enhance the design of any room. Working areas need direct purposeful lighting. Desk lights can be used to provide lighting and at the same time add style to your office design. For the ceiling lights, you can use track lights because they provide general lighting and their light is not directed toward any specific objects in the office. This creates even lighting in the office. When installing lighting for your office, you need to put two things into consideration; the space of the office and the amount of natural light that comes in. This will help you determine how much lighting is needed.




  1. Relaxation Grounds or Rooms;

Play and productivity go hand in hand. Take some time off work to relax our brain. It is important to create an area in your office setting where employees can socialize and relax. It can be a room with different games such as chess, poker or table tennis. Playing games has a positive impact on the brain. It increases motivation, efficiency, memory, and productivity. If productivity is among your top priorities, then this is something you should go for.


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