The bedroom is the most personal room, it is where you keep you belonging and a place for you to freely express your style. This can be done with interior design, artwork and furniture.

Fci London have all the components to help design your room just how YOU want.

Your bed

There are so many different styles to chose from a sophisticated modern style, to a classic wooden frame. The type of bed you get can often set the tone for the rest of the room.

The bedding that is used should be of high quality, otherwise having a beautiful bed will be redundant, they need to complement each other – a personal favourite is Egyptian cotton, as it is affordable yet feels amazing.

Pillows on your bed can make or break it, even with simple white bedding (which is very modern and sophisticated) the pillows/cushions can bring it all to life. If you have a modern look to you room and your bed, the pillows should match. Textures should always be considered, and symmetry is another sophisticated element.



Like your bed, other furniture in the room is a statement, which should be saying a lot about you with no words. Matching your bedside table to your bed can have a great affect, keeping to a consistent theme, but don’t be afraid to switch it up. For example. If you have a white finish on your bed frame, using wood and black can compliment it nicely, but finding the right balance is where we can help.

Seating is another important aspect of a bedroom, do you want it just for display purposes, or will it be used for anything in particular? While our luxury brands may show as just a feature item, rest assured they are great for practical use and very comfortable, too.


Rugs and Flooring

A truly underestimated part of the bedroom but is one of the first things we see as we walk in a room. If you are considering a rug for your floor, it is important that it ties the room together, and not pulls it apart. By this I mean it should have the same style to it as the rest of the room, maybe even matching some cushions like I mentioned above.

The flooring needs to be simple (in my opinion) you want it to not only be practical, but also have a classy finish which is why my recommendation would be wooden flooring. Rugs can go with them great and wooden flooring is timeless.



A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind, which is why having the right storage is so important. Wardrobes and draws should always match (in my opinion) as it makes the room feel planned, instead of just being thrown together. A brilliant way to chose is to know what you need to store, because after all, practicality is as important as design, if not more so.

Extra storage is important, and I don’t mean cardboard boxes. By this I mean always over estimate how much you need, or you could find your bedroom becoming a host to clutter all over again.



Visit our showroom so we can show you exactly how the above could work for you.



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