It’s finally that time of year – while temperatures may still be on the cool side, the sun is starting to shine, making spending time outdoors a joy again. As the weather starts to get warmer, now is the perfect time to think about remodelling your outside space, to create a stylish seating area that’s ideal for relaxing as well as socialising.

With that in mind, take a look at this stunning outdoor furniture range, to get the inspiration flowing and discover some amazing products that will transform your garden…

The Ultimate Outdoor Garden Furniture Range

When it comes to choosing the perfect garden furniture quite a lot of needs should be met, which can make things tricky. Unless you are familiar with the industry, it can be difficult to know which brands and pieces are worth investing in, and how to meet your needs.

Generally, garden furniture needs to be three things – hardwearing, stylish and comfortable. A brand that meets all of these needs is Vondom. Providing high-end and high quality garden furniture, Vondom think outside of the box, pushing design boundaries to come up with a completely unique range to give your outside space personality, as well as being comfortable and versatile.

To create the ultimate outdoor seating area, team these pieces together…

The Delta Four Seat Sofa

delta-corner-right-4-seat-sofa-by-vondomThe ideal piece to start with is a comfortable outdoor sofa that provides plenty of seating. Ideal for relaxing alone but also to seat family and friends, the Delta Four Seat Sofa will make your garden extremely versatile.

Contemporary in style, this is a great base piece that will allow you to add character through accessories such as planters, blankets and cushions. Because of the simple style, this means you can switch up the vibe of your outdoor space as often as you like, with the sofa always remaining and continuing to be on trend.

The Vela Armless Chaise Longue

Next up is the Vela Armless Chaise Longue, which will add additional seating for reclining. Chaise Longues are also great for parties, as they can also be sat on like a bench, ideal for seating two or three guests.

Available in a wide variety of finishes, why not go for a bolder design with your chaise longue to create a statement piece? The 27 different fabric options include fuchsia pink, vibrant orange and rich navy blue. The chaise is also available in a range of sizes too, so that you can find the perfect fit for your space.

To style, we recommend placing your four seater sofa with it’s back to a wall or fence, and positioning the chaise to the side to create an open L-shaped seating area.

The Bum Bum Coffee Table

bum-bum-coffee-table-by-vondomA large and long coffee table is the perfect addition to your seating area, providing enough space for friends and family to place down their drinks, without having to stretch too far or get up. The Bum Bum Coffee Table by Vondom is a great choice. It’s sculptural design makes it a unique piece, and the variety of colour options means you can find the right shade for your scheme.

Style by placing in the centre of your seating area so that your guests can reach the table with ease – around 14 inches away from the sofa is ideal, to allow enough leg room.

The Muro Nano Planter

Add those all important finishing touches to your space, with a planter or two to complete the look. The Muro Nano Planter is ideal as it provides planting space in a neat rectangle shape, making it easy to slot in to your space, without taking up too much room or getting in the way. The planter is on legs too, making it ideal to place around seating areas so that your flowers and foliage are around eye level. Available in over 25 finishes, once again Vondom allows you to perfectly compliment your outdoor scheme.

This stunning range of outdoor furniture by Vomdom is not to be missed, and will completely transform your garden for the season ahead. Ideal for parties, gatherings, or simply grabbing a quiet moment to yourself, Vomdom will introduce comfort and style to create a space you’ll want to spend more and more time in.

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