FCI London brings you the perfect opportunity to mix and match and up your outdoor living ante with an extensive range of diverse outdoor furniture collection by Gloster. The renowned brand’s collection includes teak dining tables, chairs and accessories that add an incredible charm to the exterior of a house.

A team of dedicated furniture makers and entrepreneurs embarked upon a long journey to manufacture outdoor furniture to help its customers in opening their doors to a mesmerising exterior setting, back in the 1960s in West Africa. Due to the increased furniture demand, and to find convenient access to the teak plantation, Gloster established its factory in Indonesia in the late 1980s. Gloster’s sole focus for more than five decades has been to manufacture the finest outdoor furniture in the global furniture industry. Even after years of being operational, the brand continues to strive for excellence with the same passion with which it started.

gloster teak furniture at fci london

Gloster makes use of plantation teak to create its outdoor furniture masterpieces. Teak is a very precious material that is beneficial for the manufacturing of high-quality furniture. To ensure that Gloster always has teak at its disposal, the brand has assigned 22 employees with the task of travelling to different locations in 30 countries to find the best quality logs for the production process which helps them to maximise their resources. Teak is one of the most valuable hardwoods after Timber, and Gloster’s use of this resource supports the brand in producing luxurious yet charming furniture. Teak also adds to the high resistance and durability of the outdoor furniture manufactured by Gloster as its high natural oil content enables it to endure extreme weather conditions without getting damaged. Every item manufactured by this brand is sustainable, which is a critical feature for furniture used in an outdoor setting.

Gloster’s exceptional manufacturing of outdoor furniture items is a result of its collaborations with some well-known designers from around the world, including Carsten Astheimer and Mark Gabbertas. After a design is approved, the skilled and dedicated designers work very closely with the brand’s development team to help in the creation of excellent, timeless pieces which incorporate the past and the future and mould it into an exceptional present.

Gloster’s collection has a place at FCI London because unlike most furniture manufacturers, the brand does not use mass production processes to create its furniture. Every piece produced by Gloster is the result of intricate handwork by the brand’s skilled and expert craftsmen. These craftsmen work exclusively for the brand to create every aspect of its furniture items.

Gloster’s aim has been to manufacture furniture that speaks a language understood by all. A dedicated research team works tirelessly to analyse the evolving trends which aid the development team in further refinement of designs to create timeless, elegant outdoor furniture. The brand has preserved tradition and history to the best of its ability. However, while doing this, Gloster has also ensured that it incorporates the modern trends to its designs to ensure that the pieces it creates are not obsolete but in fact, are a source of long-term satisfaction for the consumer.

One of the most popular products by Gloster is the Sling seat designed by Henrik Pedersen from the “Sway Collection”. This chair has been a crowd-pleaser for quite a while now which is why it has also been launched as the iconic Sling Lounger. The reason behind its popularity is that the soft sling seat supported by a frame of plantation teak is exceptionally comfortable to support the contours of the body.

gloster teak furniture at fci london

The handcrafted Whirl round table made out of the signature teak can be paired with the William dining chairs to create the perfect setup for a sunrise breakfast on a Sunday or even a late-night dinner setting.

Along with the luxurious furniture items, Gloster’s “Deco Collection” includes some unique accessories to give an outdoor setting the finishing touch of style and elegance. This collection consists of a variety of items such as outdoor rugs, side tables and fire bowls. One of the most innovative articles from this collection is the deco screen which can create the ultimate luxury hideaway space within your living area. For the creation of this item, the design team at Gloster used the signature teak in a new context which allows customers to create the perfect garden getaway.

Gloster’s new Fern Collection by the designer Sebastian Herkner includes a high back and low back chair which are the epitome of comfort. The design of these chairs takes inspiration from the shape of a fern leaf which creates a beautiful link between the brand’s outdoor furniture and nature. The carefully woven rope has been combined with the plantation teak and it is attached to a Scandanavian style teak frame to form a chair that is perfect for lounging and relaxation.

The brand’s furniture pieces can be put to use to create a definitive luxury escape.

Gloster’s Dune coffee table placed on a balcony can provide an exquisite setting for those days when you wish to bask in the fresh air. On the contrary, Gloster’s Dune sofa and Dansk lounge chair can be utilised to create an indulgent and chic environment in any outdoor living room.

Another fascinating item manufactured by Gloster is the daybed from the “Cradle Collection”. This item is available in various colours and is big enough for two people. A daybed like this can help you in creating your own private outdoor space that brings you a sense of comfort. There are a variety of fabrics available for you to choose from, according to your preference and style. In addition to this, the daybed comes with an integrated side table which allows you to create the perfect outdoor lounging experience.

Gloster is the leading manufacturer of upholstered, luxury outdoor furniture which can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Moreover, the charm and warmth of Teak furniture are simply unbeatable. And, when a brand like Gloster manufactures it, you can be assured of its quality and durability.

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