Known for defying the laws of the convention, Italian designer furniture brand Naos are leaders when it comes to luxury dining room furniture. Modern designs are combined with premium materials and master craftsmanship, resulting in a striking collection that’s iconic of the brand. The dining room is often somewhat neglected, only used for formal and special occasions. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be carefully designed and thought through, in fact, this presents all the more reason to create a beautiful space to host your guests. Here are a few key pieces from Naos, to help you create the ultimate luxury dining room…

Dining Tables…

Daytona Dining Table

Dining doesn’t come much more luxurious than this. With options of stone, marble or glass top, this unique dining table will take centre stage in any dining room. The strong and sculptural base of the Daytona Dining Table comes in 13 different finishes, while the top comes in over 30 different options. Strong and grounding, this large table is the only statement piece you will need.

Latour Dining Table

With the option to extend the table to expose beautifully curved edges, the Latour Dining Table is both practical and stylish. The base of this dining table is where the magic happens – sculptural and striking, the base features curved metal rods and comes in 16 striking finishes including copper. The top comes in over 30 different finishes too, meaning you can create your very own design to suit your scheme.

Hula Hula Extending Dining Table

This sleek and super versatile table extends to become twice the size, ideal for smaller spaces or for occasional dinner parties. If generally, it’s just two of you dining, this table is perfect, as it can be kept small, but made bigger when hosting friends and family. The glass top of the Hula Hula Extending Dining Table is available in 10 different finishes, including crystal clear glass as well as coloured glass. The strong metal base keeps this look minimal and modern.

Turning Extending Dining Table

With a thin top and strong solid base, the Turning Extending Dining Table is another great extending option. Choose from rich and dark wood, or light and luxurious marble – this table comes with over 30 options for the finish for the top. The base is chunky, yet light as you can see through it from one side to the other, which helps create a feeling of space. Choose from 20 different finishes for the base and create a design that perfectly suits your style.

Dining Chairs…

Starwood Dining Chair

With a wooden frame and light upholstery, the Starwood Dining Chair offers comfort and style. Tall and sleek, these chairs won’t take up too much space, but still, have a strong presence about them. The tall back offers plenty of support and adds a grand feel to the chair, while the soft upholstering and strong base add interest and additional comfort.

Isotta Dining Chair

Elegant and with a frame to the front and the base, from certain angles the Isotta Dining Chair looks as if it were floating. With a deeply padded seat and upholstered backrest, this sleek design is as comfortable as it is stylish. The frame comes in a variety of different finishes, including black and matte white, as well as chrome, taupe and sand. The top is covered in soft and sumptuous leather, to give this unfussy design a little extra flourish.

Glisette Dining Chair

With a tapered tall back and sleek metal base, the Gisette Dining Chair makes for a subtle design statement. The perfect combination of contemporary style and traditional design, this is the ideal option if you favour both modern and classic styles. The base can be finished in over 20 different ways, so that you can create a chair that perfectly suits your dining room scheme.

Juliette Dining Chair

Strong and shapely with softened curved edges, the Juliette Dining Chair showcases simple contemporary design at its best. Simple and sleek legs make up the base for this striking chair, which is available in a number of finishes including matte neutrals and metallic options. The backrest and seat are broad, but also slim maintaining a modern and sleek profile, the chair is finished with premium upholstery adding to that luxury feel. As you can see, Noas is a go-to when it comes to creating a luxury dining room with a modern aesthetic. Specialising in delivering premium quality and luxury designs, each piece you choose to invest in from Noas will make all the difference for the look and feel of your dining room.

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