With the summer season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider updating your garden to create a beautiful and practical space. Our gardens should be an extension of our homes, providing further space to relax, socialise and dine. If you’re looking for inspiration to create a modern designer garden for summer 2019, read on…


There are a variety of ways in which you can improve your outside space using garden furniture. Before you choose your luxury and modern pieces, put together a plan to ensure you maximize the space you have available. Here we provide ideas and inspiration for a variety of different options. In some cases, you might want to incorporate all of these garden design ideas, and in other instances you might only have the space or requirements for one or two…

Create a Relaxing Seating Area:

outdoor garden furniture tables for summerA seating area designed specifically for relaxing is a must if you have a pool, or if you intend on spending most of your time in your garden with your partner or family. A relaxing seating area means that you can spend time reading, resting or sunbathing in the garden.


The Cane-line Relax Sunlounger – the clue is in the name here. This simple and chic sunlounger is super comfortable, ideal for spending whole days resting in the garden.

The Rest Double Sunlounger – ideal for relaxing with your partner, this lounger is big enough for two, and is ideal for placing in a shady spot or chasing the sun, with its wheels making it easy to move around.

The Frame Sunlounger by Vondom – available in over 30 different finishes, the unique design of this sunlounger allows you to put your own stamp on your space. Contemporary and sleek, this is ideal if you want to create a minimal style.

Create a Laid Back Social Space:

If you intend on having friends and family over regularly for drinks or a BBQ, then a laid back social seating area is the best option. By creating a space Laid Back Social Space - Modern Garden Furniture for Summerthat looks inwards, with plenty of comfortable seating and table space, you can ensure your party flows as everyone is able to interact freely with one another.


The Ulm Sofa by Vondom – with soft rounded edges, this is the perfect large seating option for outdoor social spaces. Allowing free movement without any sharp edges, this stylish outdoor sofa is deep and comfortable.

The Blow Armchair by Vondom – ideal for pairing with the Ulm Sofa, try introducing a few Blow Armchairs side by side to add extra seating. Sleek and stylish, this armchair comes in a variety of finishes to create a unique seating area.

The Atlantis Coffee Table by Unopiu – this versatile coffee table features wheels to the back, meaning it can be moved around depending on the occasion. At the perfect height for poolside drinks, it can also be used as a side table or centre table to provide much needed surface space for your guests.

Create an Al Fresco Dining Area:

If you want to host outdoor dinner parties this year, a dining table and chairs to seat all your guests comfortably is a must.


The Endless Dining Table by Cane-line – this large dining table can host 10+ guests and is ideal if you plan on hosting large al fresco dinner parties. Stylish and sleek, the teak finish is on-trend and will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Faz XL Dining Table by Von Dom – if your dining area is going to take centre stage, go for a statement piece like this sculptural dining table. This large design appears strong and bold, and will sit proudly in your garden.

The Copenhagen City Stackable Dining Chair – a stackable chair is a great option if you would prefer to store away some of your dining chairs in between dinner parties. Ideal if you also want to eat outside with your family, you can have four chairs out permanently, and more stacked away for guests.


Create the Ultimate Barbecue:

If cooking outdoors is your thing, a large barbecue is a must. You don’t necessarily have to create an entire separate area for your barbecue, as this can often be added to a laid back seating area or to your dining area. Just position your barbecue so that you can still interact with your guests.

Ultimate Barbecue modern garden furniture


The Krakatoa Elite Point-Gas Barbecue – barbecues don’t come much more impressive than this. With a large grill and sink and in stainless steel, this is ideal if you plan on hosting large BBQs this year.

The Kauai Outdoor Kitchen Island Barbecue – ideal for placing poolside, this is the ultimate when it comes to sociable outdoor cooking. In striking stainless steel, this barbecue is beautiful as well as practical.

Introducing designer garden furniture can completely transform how you use your outdoor space, not to mention it also creates a stylish space that’s a joy to spend time in.