Modern-FurnitureThe way your light your space can make or break its ambience. It’s very important that you get the lighting element correct, and like any interior designer will tell you, it doesn’t matter how nicely you have done everything else; if the lighting is wrong then everything else is wrong! The same maxim applies when it comes to your modern furniture. How will your visitors notice the nice modern furniture pieces, how will you enjoy the new feel if the lighting is not right? You should also take note of the fact that different rooms require different lighting methods. Thus, in order to mix lighting and modern furniture, you’ll have to strike a delicate balance. Below, we have compiled some suggestions on how to mix these two for the best possible results;

  1. Downlighting is a fantastic ides when it comes to mixing lighting and modern furniture. You can start by having floor sockets installed. While modern furniture looks nice during the day under natural lighting, you may need to bring out its best at night by using downlighters. Downlighters help create an awesome glow that helps enhance the ambience of the room. Downlighting works best with modern furniture when used in the dining room, or in the reception area.
  2. Overhead lighting works magic in modern furniture when used in the kitchen. The light above can be regulated in order to reflect the working surfaces, countertops, cabinet handles, and so on so forth. Pendants and chandeliers are also an ideal recommendation.
  3. You can also mix lighting successfully with modern furniture by using colored bulbs. You can even try using a color that resembles that of the furniture pieces. For instance, if you have red sofas of contemporary style in your living room, blue bulbs or lighting would do magic to the overall feel. This kind of mixing gives the room a bold but soothing feel, and helps calm the mood. However, the light shouldn’t be too bright as this makes the eyes strain. Rather, the lighting levels should be anywhere between ordinary lighting and a candle light.
  4. Lastly, make sure that your modern furniture pieces are in a brightly colored or painted room. Bright colors like white tend to improve the overall lighting. Generally, modern furniture pieces look best when used in a brightly painted room because in such, light is well distributed inside the entire room. If you are going to paint the room with dull colors, then you better ensure that there’s sufficient light filtering into the room.

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fci London modern furniture

fci London modern furniture

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