Choose from a number of different silhouettes, fabrics and colours of upholstered furniture with Felis at FCI London. The Italian brand’s upholstered furniture is available in a variety of options that will suit any space and decor style.

Felis was established by the Macron family in 1990 with its headquarters in Sacile in the province of Pordenone, Italy. The brand gives you the opportunity to live your life in the most comfortable way possible without having to compromise on style. Felis does not offer simple furniture, instead a broad range of outstanding upholstered sofas and chairs. Felis aims to give its customers a genuinely positive experience through the purchasing of their magnificent furniture. A living room or bedroom adorned with upholstered furniture by Felis is a real feast for the eyes, adding a relaxing and welcoming ambience to your living space.

Felis offers its customers 100% made-in-Italy beds, sofas and accessories collections. This extensive variety of products is due to the high level of the craftsmanship of each artisan. From its inception, Felis has strived to guarantee high quality, long-lasting and comfortable products to its customers, and this is clearly evidenced in the aesthetics and durability of its furniture.

Felix Collection at FCI London

The brand’s manufactured furniture stand out for their authenticity and exclusive designs. These exclusive design concepts are used by Felis to create customised products according to the preferences and requirements of its customers. The brand has produced more than 100 models of furniture items which are readily available for purchase. In addition to this, Felis has more than 700 fabric variants which are used to upholster its furniture. This gives customers an almost endless option to fully customise their furniture in accordance with their spaces. This level of customisation attests to Felis’ commitment to ensuring a superior customer experience.

The bespoke upholstered furniture items that are designed and produced by Felis are for the enjoyment by residential as well as commercial customers. Its furniture collection can be found in residences and developments in Italy and across Europe – further entrenching Felis as a global brand. The company is still desirous of pursuing its product expansion strategy to enable it to deliver its fine furniture to international customers.
The brand offers its products at a very reasonable price which is a result of the effective production methods that help it reduce its costs. It is committed to offering its products at a fair price that also attracts the price-conscious, design-minded customers.

Felix Collection at FCI London

Here are some of FCI London’s best-selling Felis pieces:

After a long and tiring day, Dexter by Felis allows you to enjoy a well-deserved rest by stretching your legs out. This sofa from the brand’s collection comes with a built-in sliding mechanism which makes it possible to easily move the seat forward in three different positions for the ultimate relaxation.

If you have a limited space to design, a functional sofa bed by Felis is a suitable option for you.

Felix Collection at FCI London

Carter is an upholstered sofa bed which offers inspiration for a home that is in search of new ideas. This sofa can easily be converted into a bed by revealing the mattress that is inside the smart hiding space, with just one pull. Carter is a comfortable, space-saving and versatile product that can be used as a sofa by day and a bed by night. The convenience and practicality that this product offers are hard to beat.

Felix Collection at FCI London

If you are searching for a bed that will add to the luxury of your bedroom, Arley from the upholstered beds by Felis has got you covered. This upholstered bed model is super comfortable, bold and can easily fit into a wide array of spaces. The soft headboard has cushioned support which means that it allows one to indulge in reading a book or watching television with utmost comfort. The grey fabric of this model is a colour that can stand up to a little wear and tear over time. Arley is a good option for classic and traditional style bedrooms. It can also be incorporated into a large master bedroom that needs an infusion of cosiness.

Felix Collection at FCI London

The most trendy item from the Felis is the Erik single bed. This model is practical and also has space for bedding storage below the mattress. The third pull out bed is a special feature of this single bed. The Erik bed has a padded border on one side which makes it easier to connect multiple single beds at different angles. There is a small padded headboard attached to the bed as well. This design is a very unique concept, indeed as it offers something more than an ordinary single bed.

Felix Collection at FCI London

The Sbaiz armchair has a very comfortable and enveloping upholstered seat which is attached to a functional chrome steel frame at the bottom. The square-shaped armchair comes with a loose cushion and a soft padded backrest. The Sbaiz armchair is available in the colours red and yellow, which means you can choose the one that you find aesthetically pleasing and the one that fits in well with the rest of your furniture – the choice is yours!

Felix Collection at FCI London

Another item from the brand’s collection that redefines elegance and comfort is the set of three Rondeca armchairs. These three chairs follow a single, sophisticated style which is a mix of a classic style with a hint of contemporary accents. These armchairs can be placed in different rooms around the home as it is so versatile. The white colour makes it easier for these items to complement any interior or to add a neutral hue to the space. Not only are the Rondeca armchairs convenient to carry, but they also offer space-saving solutions for areas with limited space. Due to the lightweight structure, these armchairs can be easily carried anywhere in your home and can also be frequently rearranged from time to time to give it a refreshed look that complements any updates to your decor.

Whether you choose a bed or a sofa from Felis, you are assured of taking home authentic Italian craftsmanship underpinned by innovation and ingenuity. Visit our showroom and let us introduce you to these timeless furniture pieces that are sure to add a touch of elegance to your home.

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