Studies show that the typical household in the UK spends around 40% of their time at home in the living room. Often a multifunctional space, the living room has to be hard working, doubling up as a place to relax and an entertainment space. This sociable room is an important hub of the Adding that wow factor through a luxury finish is a fantastic way to make this versatile space feel really special. When you’re spending a lot of your spare time in your living room, it’s important that it reflects your needs, but that it’s also somewhere to feel a little bit spoiled and indulged in.

Read on to discover five ways to add a luxury finish to your living room…

1.Invest in quality

When it comes to the rooms that you spend a lot of time in your home, quality is key. Not only does your furniture have to be durable and stand the test of time, it also has to look great too. Of course, wherever possible it’s important to invest in quality materials and pieces for your home, but it’s especially important in the spaces that you spend a lot of time in, as trying to cut corners with cheap pieces will only leave you feeling dissatisfied. Take your time in choosing your furniture and decor. Invest in design and quality over time, to create a space that you feel truly proud of and at home in.

2. Go big on key pieces

There a few pieces of furniture in the living room that really make the space – the sofa, armchair and coffee table for example. Seating is really important as it’s often the largest piece of furniture in the room and so makes a statement, but it’s also so important to feel comfortable in this space too. In addition, a coffee table should be practical, but it usually acts as a centrepiece, whether we want it to or not, so consider this when choosing your coffee table. When choosing your seating and coffee table, invest in quality to add a luxury feel to your space. Leather, real wood, polished metal and velvet are all great choices when it comes to materials. We love the Marion Sofa by Gamma and Dandy. In a beautiful soft leather with pin tuck details, the quality is instantly recognisable adding an instant high-end feel. marlon-sofa-by-gamma-and-dandy-collection-2

3. Add a touch of glamour

Glamour should always be subtle to keep things sophisticated and chic. Glamour doesn’t have to mean sequins and lots of glitzy lights either, although it does, of course, mean different things to different people. A luxurious and sophisticated edge can be enhanced with the smaller details – think beautiful brass door handles and drawer pulls matched with a quality round brass mirror hung over the fireplace. Glamour is all about beautiful quality, with metals, mirrors, and lighting being the perfect way to add that luxury feel.

4. Inject your personality

When creating a luxury living room, don’t forget your own personal tastes and what reflects yourself and your family. Luxury is unique to all of us – your own luxury might include items from your favourite trips, photos that spark fond memories, or even a colour that reminds you of something special. Include your own personal tastes in your design to create a luxury look that’s unique to you.

5. Take it to the next level

As the living room is often also used for entertaining, why not create your own little luxury experience at home? More and more we are choosing to entertain in our own spaces, opting to host drinks and/or dinner parties at home over heading out to eat. Add a high-end feel to your space for entertaining. If you have space, why not add an on-trend home bar. This doesn’t mean reverting back to installing a bar space in your living room like in the ‘80s. Instead create a stylish little nook with a sideboard, topped with a couple of your favorite bottles, glassware, and brass or copper cocktail shaker. What does luxury design mean to you? For each and every one of us, it is different, but it always comes back to quality to create a real luxury living.

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