The German company, Draenert, has been producing artisanal furniture for over five decades. It was founded in 1968 by Karin and Dr. Peter Draenert and is currently managed with the same zeal by the second generation under Dr. Patric Draenert. In present-day, their factory in Immenstaad exports to over 50 countries worldwide and their brand is a part of the esteemed German Design Council.

All Draenert products are designed using simplified elements that highlight their sterling materials in their raw appeal. This minimalist approach is aided by frequent collaborations with German and international designers alike. Some of the designers who have notably contributed to the brand include Dr Peter and Dr Patric Draenert themselves, Stephan Veit, Ron Arad, Prof. Trix und Prof. Robert Haussmann and Quaglio Simonelli among others. 

One of the most distinguished elements about Draenert and the secret behind its high demand among fashionable clientele is its expert handling and quality of natural stones. In fact, they have a company-owned park with over 180 different types of stones available to them permanently. The granites, marbles onyx and gneiss are imported from various locations like Brazil, Africa and Lapland. They work with other high-grade materials as well like metal, wood, glass and leather but their striking stone table tops with patented extension-mechanisms remain an identifying mark. Other products by the brand include upholstered chairs and bar stools as well as their Art Edition range.

Draenert treats dining tables with extra care and affection for it is the centrepiece not only in our spaces but in our lives as well. Because a dining table is so much more than just a piece of furniture, it is where family and friends come together to bond and share their day over food. 

Introducing Artisanal Furniture by Draenart

The Adler is designed by Peter Draenert and is an extensible table that can be altered into different shapes made with natural stone. The lifting mechanism raises the centerpiece when the side pieces are extended outward in a synchronised choreography of movement. It comes with four different bases and with the finishing options of stone or wood. 

Introducing Artisanal Furniture by Draenart

Victor is designed by Wolfgang CR Mezger and features a rustic and sturdy wooden table top sitting on black industrial T-beams made of steel. It immediately adds balance and stability to the surroundings and is suited for both official and residential environments. 

Introducing Artisanal Furniture by Draenart

The Klassik series includes coffee tables, side tables and dining tables in a versatile and highly adaptable design. It features a straight glass top, embedded in steel legs finished in chrome or nickel.

The brand’s coffee tables offer solutions that are contemporary and sophisticated. They have a number of impressive designs such as the Totem tables which playfully layer different materials together such as stone, wood and metal. They appear to be like a variety of materials, shapes and colours, artfully stacked on top of one another. 

Introducing Artisanal Furniture by Draenart

QBIC by Patrick Draenert features simplified cuboids of pure Draenert materials and craftsmanship sitting atop recessed rollers attached for easy moving. They come in different sizes and the classic Draenert variety of stone finishes. 

Introducing Artisanal Furniture by Draenart

Twist is a unique coffee table made completely of glass and features three blown-glass cones twisting inwards and outwards. The glass is available in different colours and textures. The Day trolley table by Stephan Veit has a rounded metal structure with two levels and trays made of natural stone or coated metal. It’s a modern and retro-inspired take on trolleys and is topped with a wooden handle for a soft and sturdy grip. Another version of this model is the Night bedside table which features similar aesthetics with a round top that gently twists away to reveal a storage compartment. It comes in two different heights so that you find the right option to go with your bed.

Draenert chairs are just as comfortable as they are modern:

  •  Luma by Patric Draenert is a cantilever chair with a thin yet comfortable backrest covered in leather, available in 77 colours. These chairs follow a simple silhouette which comes with a gentle swing and ease for its user. 
  • Leaf barstools combine their stainless steel footrest with their design and are attached as one with the seat. It’s chic design works well in bars and homes alike. 
  • The Dexter chair has gently tapering legs supporting a plush seat with adjoining armrests. Its strong steel frame can support over 150kg of weight.

Finally, their art edition category features a variety of avant-garde designs that were produced as limited editions:

Europe by Ron Arad is a stainless steel sofa that seems like it belongs on the set of a futuristic movie. Despite its material, it utilises gentle contours to remain comfortable for all.

Introducing Artisanal Furniture by Draenart

The Barcode table utilises the metal and stone scrap and reinvents them as a one-of-a-kind table. The ingenious and eco-friendly design has won awards for its innovativeness. It can be used as a dining table and also a conference table. 

Part of the reason behind Draenert product’s polished and high-class appearance is their use of expert craftsmen. Masons, carpenters, varnishers, upholsterers and many others combine their specialised skill sets to produce a single finished model. The combination of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art tools and processes ensures that Draenert delivers on its promise of quality.

Draenert’s success in the furniture industry is evident in their various awards earned over time. These include the German Design Award in 2018 and 2016, the Interior Innovation Award in 2015, 2011, 2009 and 2004, the IF Product Design Award 2015 and 2008, The Reddot Award 2015,2006 and 2004, the Green Good Design Award 2012, various nominations for Designpreis Award, the Good Design Award in 2003, and more. With all these esteemed awards, customers can rest assured of investing in a quality furniture brand for their interiors. 

It gives FCI London great pride to announce that Draenert products are now available as part of our assortment of interior solutions.   

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