Vintage interior design is all about fashioning a sense of allure and history through old eclectic pieces. By adding antiques, collectibles, flea market finds, and estate sale items you can create a vintage vibe. Vintage interior design is about encouraging tradition and appreciating them just as they are by mending or refinishing them. Brilliant places for obtaining vintage finds

Interior Design Styles Vintage

Interior Design Styles Vintage Sofa

include flea markets, estate sales, salvage shops, consignment shops, antique stores and fci’s world class sourcing team.

No matter what the item or brand, even if you don’t see it featured on our website, send us an email or give us a call

We’re confident our sourcing team will be able help.

An example of this style is in our luxury collection pictured here the Allure sofa by Christopher Guy. This magnificent tuft back loveseat is a delight with its elegantly designed form, further refined by its signature Chris-cross legs.

Another luxury interior design vintage favourite at fci is this Le Fan Plisse Lounge Chair by Christopher Guy. Inspired by Asian Cormandel carvings, this contemporary interpretation of Chinoiserie design is a sheer delight. Wonderfully designed, it represents a fanciful interpretation of the opened fan.

Interior Design Style Vintage Chair

Interior Design Style Vintage Chair

We also regularly source non-furniture items for local and overseas clients including hot-tubs & other specialist garden equipment, gymnasium apparatus, window glazing solutions and much more!

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