Having a black and white view on the world can be perceived as a bad thing, however, when it comes to interior design, it’s good thinginterior-design-monochromatic.

Monochrome is far from dull or boring, when skillfully done, this design idea can be implemented in a way that brings a living room to life. There are limitless ways to use these colours in a way that is exciting and attractive

Antologia Book Shelf by Mogg

Pictured here is a classic example of this interior design. It’s both visually pleasing and classy without a touch of colour. This bookshelf is a ground-breaking and outstanding figure that can beautify modern houses or offices. It is very convenient in any circumstance, as you will notice if you decide to use it.

Next to books, it can also hold decorative objects like small vases or lamps, because it’s made of resistant materials with modern finishes. The walls are a clean white, while the furniture is black.interior-design-ideas-for-the-living-room

Zeta Magazine Racks by Sovet Italia

Cleanliness and minimalism are the reading keys of this item that seams simplicity and functionality. A single sheet of glass artfully cut creates an accessory that serves as a magazine rack and as a practical coffee table at the same time.

It’s made from extra light bent glass. Transparent and discreet, Zeta is a functional element that fits perfectly in any room. The monochrome colour makes the room feel more large and homely. The marble floor subtly improves the monochrome colours by being a bit of a contrast.

This Multileg Showtime Sideboard by Bd Barcelona is also a clear example of the style. This interior designing style should be inspired by vintage glamour, with fashionable white crown moulded walls and a superbly glamorous chandelier, all trying behind a bold black sofa to create a room that pays respect to some classic design techniques. A bunch of red roses would add the perfect amount of colour to the room without ruining the effect.monochrome-living-room-ideas

With this kind of look, our interior designers agree simplicity is key. Nobody likes a room that is overdone and obnoxious. This room proves that you can have a stylish living room and you don’t need much to accomplish that.

By using black and white living room decor, you’re opening yourself up to an uncharted world of wonder. Our luxury interior designers recommend pairing a black brick wall with grey undertones to your living room as it just radiates style and class.

If you have concerns regarding the size of your living room, adding a crisp white wall will enhance the appearing of the size of the room. Adding a large black sofa and a few black ornaments are a dramatic contrast, while a grey carpet gives a solid base and relieves some of the contrast.

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