Firstly, the most obvious reason as to why interior design is so important is simply the aesthetic of the room. The different rooms and space we spend time in need to be pleasing to the eye while also being functional (which we will discuss further in this post). Here at fci London we have found that many customers know they want a lovely designed room but have no idea where to start, which is why having meetings to discuss options will ultimately result in a well designed personal room.


The room you spend time in will contain a certain energy, for example, a plain white room with no detail and generic furniture can have the same impact on one’s mood. This is where interior design can have a great affect not only on how a room looks, but how it feels too. This can be said for a child’s room, although many people believe they will not appreciate a room designed just for them, it can in fact have a great impact on their moods and overall morale.

completed-projects-fci-interior-design-bathInterior design has an amazing functionality purpose, it can have the ability to make a large room feel either empty or tiny if done incorrectly, while also being able to make a small room perfectly with storage space for everything. When considering interior design, a main factor that needs to be considered is functionality, if a room is only aesthetically pleasing it is not serving to all the needs of a home. Storage needs to be practical for daily use which means being organised and easy to use.


Another aspect of interior design that can be overshadowed is lighting (pun intended). The room’s furniture could all be perfect and fit all the needs regarding functionality too, but if the wrong type of lighting is used the whole room falls apart. Our expert team can find and implement every aspect of a room making it perfect for you. After all, it’s not about the size of the room, its what you do with it that counts.


When selling a home the overall valuation of the property will increase if the rooms have been designed by a professional. Not only will the price increase but also the likelihood of selling the property much faster compared to a property of the same size and location.

Interior design takes the room AND the person into consideration, and with the knowledge of what is required with both the look and need of useable space, a perfect room can be designed.




We here at fci London speak from an expert standpoint and know that no matter the room in question, a beautiful finished product will be the only result. 

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