As the New Year and the new decade starts, everyone is excited to discover the latest interior design trends, and of course, there is no better place to discover them than at imm Cologne. Hosted right at the beginning of the year, from January 13 to January 19 2020, imm Cologne is the ultimate destination for all interior and design enthusiasts. This is exactly why we had to attend the expo, and why we are delighted to share everything that you need to know about the hottest trends from imm Cologne 2020.


Eco-friendly furniture products have been in demand for much of the last few years, but Serip took the concept further with its sustainable, organic and yet luxurious lighting. This year, they brought to imm Cologne the concept of ‘urban greenery’. Their stand was a treat for the eyes with the main palette featuring hues of brown and pale pink, enabling visitors to truly experience the harmonising effect that nature can have, even indoors. While there were a number of beautiful products at their stand, all shining in their magnificent golden hues, the highlight was the flock of swallows that were set up in a hypnotising composition around a tree installation.

Imm cologne 2020 Imm cologne 2020


Imm Cologne was a reminder that wardrobes are not just about clothes anymore but also about inspiration and aesthetics. The same rule also applies to storage units and display cabinets. Since the modern lifestyle requires making the best use of space, it was interesting to see that many manufacturers had created ingenious, multifunctional and space optimising products. For example, we saw wardrobes integrated with TV-units, which can also function as a partition between spaces, with the television able to rotate 360 degrees. Brands such as Logo and Novamobili showcased some beautiful wardrobes that were designed simply but characterised by extraordinary elements and intelligent storage options.

Imm cologne 2020 Imm cologne 2020Imm cologne 2020 Imm cologne 2020


The vintage and retro style living room furniture created a sense of nostalgia at several booths of the imm Cologne 2020. Bold colours, curved forms, round pouffes and metallic finishes added a retro feel to many stands including Flexform, Draenert, Cattelan Italia and Reflex Angelo. The geometric accents of the 60s also made a comeback in the living room furniture as we saw several coffee tables, side tables and end tables that played with unusual geometric compositions to create stunning forms with a touch of modernity.

Imm cologne 2020 Imm cologne 2020Imm cologne 2020Imm cologne 2020 Imm cologne 2020


For a long time, marble has been the choice material for luxurious tabletops. But at imm Cologne 2020, we witnessed the fusion of different materials as well as different variations of the same material, used to create artistic tables. For example, manufacturers had experimented with wood and marble by merging them together in a coffee table. In dining tables too, we saw a similar trend where wood and metal or wood and marble were fused together to create some stunning finishes for the tabletops.
Imm cologne 2020Imm cologne 2020Imm cologne 2020
With more than 1100 international exhibitors from 50 countries, there was a lot to see and talk about at the imm Cologne 2020 but some brands and manufacturers that stood out the most in our opinion were Novamobili, Cattelan Italia, Flexform, Draenart, Gallotti & Radice, Reflex Angelo, Leolux, Serip, Porada, and Logo. We congratulate all these brands for bringing such a spectacular collection and we can’t wait to be back again next year.

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