Good lighting equals to good mental and physical health. The different rooms in your house need good lighting with specific functionality. The functionality alone does not do justice but also the design and location of the lighting. This article will focus more on the bedroom lighting and also give you amazing ideas for bedroom lighting setup.

Wardrobe Lighting

Integrating LED and task lighting at the front of the wardrobe is perfect for two main things. When you are dressing up. These lights will aid to see which clothes to choose from and dress without the need of switching a ceiling light. Also, if there’s anyone still sleeping while you’re dressing, there will be no light disturbances making it practical.

Wardrobe Lighting

General Lighting

A ceiling light will provide good lighting around the room. Items around the room can be located easily and cleanup is made easier. It doesn’t matter the time of the day, because this type of lighting is very effective. In addition to this, it can act as a mood light. The functionality of dimming in and out will set up the right mood you prefer.

Mood Lighting

Still in mood lighting that work effectively in a bedroom, they make a room more cosy and inviting. Also, they provide an ambience of relaxation and are perfect for someone who wishes to unwind after a long day at the office.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting is good for reading.  A lamp with adjustable heads will help keep away light from your bed partner. Also it can be setup next to the bedside stool and directed to the best angle to illuminate the best light during a read.

Localized Lamps

These lamps give the best lighting for background lighting. Having one lamp on either side of your bed with at least one in your bedroom, really blends in well. A standard lamp located by a chair on a dressing table offers a soft and serene background light which can be enhanced when combined with LED Polespring.

Room lighting

Under Cupboard Lighting

There are bedrooms with inbuilt cupboards. These can be used to store personal stuff that are intimate. Use of LED Eyelid is good for lighting your bedroom cupboard. It lights objects and also helps to create a floaty kind of effect.

Mirror Lighting

Another cool idea is a combination of light just above the mirror and a lamp either side of the mirror. This helps you to get an even light illuminated across the area around the mirror.  Moreover, you can look at yourself in the mirror without any shadows being cast. This is a great way to achieve the perfect makeup and also you get to look at your outfit for any creases on clothing 101.

Night Lights

Night lights can have a variety of forms. An example is a floor washer which works perfectly when positioned close to the bathroom entrance or just below a cabinet. This helps to give light when going to the bathroom without necessarily switching on the ceiling lighting.

Kid’s Bedroom Lighting

If you have kids in your home, definitely they have their own bedrooms. The way you light up their bedroom matters a lot. Most kids will prefer a lively and fun lighting system. A good choice is starlight or a Macross lighting above their bed. This gives out a pop of colors and beautiful effects of illuminated lights. Also, you can use RGB Contour for different color changes

Kids room lighting

To conclude, the bedroom is a place for relaxation. It should be cosy, practical and inviting. Also, invest in a good lighting system that will be great for both your physical and mental health.

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