There are many flooring choices to choose from and you may have a lot of rooms. Our interior desginers know that to ensure a smooth flow, the key is colour. Choose your interior’s colour scheme before moving to purchasing flooring. Follow the ‘rule of three’, which means there should only be 3 different types of flooring in your home.

Living Room

Here the living room flooring can be shaped carpet, wood, cork, bamboo, laminate, tile, or stone. The import

Vintage wooden flooring

Vintage Wooden flooring

ant thing is to match the colour of the floor with the entrance, so they link together. A precise match isn’t necessary if the hues combine. To avoid dullness in larger rooms, contemplate an inset piece of carpet enclosed by hardwood or a colourful area rug. A dining room with hard flooring is perfect for every day, and tile or stone works best. Wood scratches with constant movement of chairs, and carpet stains from food and liquid that inadvertently spill onto the floor

A great example of this trend is the beautiful vintage wooden flooring we have at fci pictured here. It may be named vintage, but the Vintage Wood Flooring is one wood flooring that revolutionised our way of understanding and experiencing what a beautiful home would look and feel underfoot. The wood has a scientifically tested, microporous finish that resulted from years of extensive research. The line of vintage wood flooring offers a wide range of formats and a thickness in two types.

Family Rooms

This is where you can be more imaginative in the flooring. Children’s rooms should have hard-surfaced flooring because of spillage related with children and teens. A distressed laminate is less costly than wood and stands up to extreme wear and tear. If the family bedrooms are away from the main living areas, the colours can relate to the room’s decor, if they don’t clash with the hallway flooring. Choose a neutral colour for the hallway, preferably in wood, laminate or tile, and your choices of bedroom flooring broadens.

Wood flooring

Wood flooring

A great way you can do this is through our Trebbo flooring pictured here. Bringing together material and style, the Trebbo range of parquet floors showcases Gazzotti’s deep knowledge of wood and extensive understanding of unique furnishings and design features. It is the perfect wood flooring that provides a suitable and practical solution for updating classic laying patterns. The natural processing and finishing brings out the wood’s authentic and tangible aspects. Serrated processing leaves marks that gives the surface its worn look and feel, and the natural dye treatment provides each plank and section of timber their unique aesthetics.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom, especially if it’s coupled to with an en-suite bathroom, should synchronise. Select a plush carpeting, wood, tile or laminate. Area rugs on either side of the bed provide a warm footpath if you select a hard surface flooring. Combine the colours with the flooring you’ve selected for the bathroom. Inserting a faux Oriental carpet, with rubber backing, in the middle of the bathroom adds stylishness and colour

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