Fitted wardrobes can provide a stylish and practical storage solution for any home. However, we understand that an online fitted wardrobe search can leave you feeling overwhelmed. With this plethora of information coming at your disposal, it can make it a little tricky to figure out exactly how much you might need to invest in a quality fitted wardrobe.

At FCI London we always strive to help our clients build stylish and functional interiors at the best value for money. This is the reason we’ve created a full guide on how much fitted wardrobes really cost – and to help you establish which design is better suited to your storage needs. In addition, we’re hopeful that this guide will also assist you in planning your budget as it pertains to the fitted wardrobes you select.

What are fitted wardrobes?

As its name suggests, fitted wardrobes or built-in wardrobes as they are often referred to, are essentially made-to-order wardrobes that are specifically designed to fit a particular space. Awkward corner, we see you…

The difference between fitted wardrobes and free-standing wardrobes is that with fitted wardrobes you can maximise your storage space, eliminate any gaps or unused space and cover all awkward nooks and corners.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider a fitted wardrobe:
● These wardrobes are custom built to adapt to the shape of your room. As a result, your room feels more open than it would with a freestanding wardrobe.
● You can customise these wardrobes to meet your storage needs. As an example, you could choose to have separate “his and hers” sections or you could add an accessories compartment. Similarly, if you feel that some features of a wardrobe like drawers or shelves are not useful for you, just leave them out – as much or as little as you want.
● You can choose any type of door for your fitted wardrobes including sliding doors. With a range of finishes and styles of doors available, it’s easier than ever to design a fitted wardrobe that complements your interior.
● While standing wardrobes only offer limited lighting options, you will be spoilt for choice with the custom lighting for fitted wardrobes. This ensures that getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a reenactment of a Kung Fu scene.

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

What Makes Fitted Wardrobes Better Than Freestanding Wardrobes

One of the biggest advantages of choosing fitted wardrobes is that you’re making the best use of your space. Freestanding wardrobes will often leave unused, wasted space around them as they’re manufactured in certain sizes only which can compromise as much as 50% of your space.

Another major advantage of fitted wardrobes is that it is customer made. This means that it is purposefully designed to fit any space no matter how awkward it is including the area under the stairs or attic.

Fitted wardrobes also make it easier for you to keep to your room’s decor/theme as they can be customised in a range of finishes and materials. These factors make them a great choice for areas like the living room or the bedroom. Moreover, with freestanding wardrobes you’re most likely restricted with the type of storage you choose, whereas with fitted wardrobes you could choose any type of interior you want. For example, some people need more space for accessories while others need extra hanging rails for their suits and so forth. And, these customisation requests can easily be accommodated with a bespoke fitted wardrobe.

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Types of fitted wardrobes

The type of fitted wardrobe that you choose often depends on your own personal taste and space requirement. Aesthetics also play a big part and the space you have available. You could invest in ready-made styles, but these very often need to be customised to fit your space anyway. Usually, bespoke fitted wardrobes provide all the customisation you will ever need, hence its the popular option when it comes to fitted wardrobes.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes mean that your imagination is the only limitation. Whatever your accessory storage requirement is – panelling, drawers, racks for scarves and ties or even a shoe carousel – you can achieve this with a fitted wardrobe. Best of all, nobody else will have that style.

As you’ll see in our pricing section, fitted wardrobes can generally be classified into three categories based on their price and quality:

Entry-level Wardrobes: These are the most budget-friendly wardrobes that offer you a basic, rectangular frame with different door options. While these wardrobes are not very long-lasting, they get the job done which is why they’re a preferred choice for clients who don’t want to make a significant investment. Most of these wardrobes come with DIY instructions so they can be assembled and installed by you, although this can be a time-consuming process. (Good to know: FCI London has its own professional wardrobe installers, why not save the headache and hassle and get us to install it on your behalf, while you admire your style).

Mid-range Wardrobes: The mid-range wardrobes are composed of materials such as MDF or plywood and they’re comparatively better in quality than the entry-level wardrobes. They are usually installed by professional installers and they often include some additional features such as internal LED lighting.

Luxury Wardrobes: These wardrobes are tailor-made from high-quality materials including solid wood and they’re manufactured by leveraging the finest quality craftsmanship. Some of the best luxury wardrobe brands are German and Italian and they offer a range of premium finishes, handles and internal accessories to choose from. These custom-made wardrobes are designed, assembled and installed by professionals which streamlines the process even further.

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

How Much Do Fitted Wardrobes Cost in the UK?

Here are a few styles to consider and a fitted wardrobes price list.
The prices for fitted wardrobes are usually by linear meter, which refers to a length of the wardrobe material since most rooms in the UK are a standard height.

Three-door fitted wardrobe:

Three doors are a popular choice as most interior designers recommended following the rule of three. This is because items are more aesthetically pleasing when grouped in threes, making a three-door fitted wardrobe a particularly stylish and attractive choice.

Optional features can include columns, mouldings and drawers, which may be more expensive, whereas simple designs might cost a little less, so always consider your options.

Entry-level – DIY wardrobes – starting from £400 per linear meter (eg Ikea)
Cut on site MDF wardrobes – starting from £800 per linear meter (eg Sharps)
Luxury Italian wardrobes – starting from £1200 per linear meter (eg Logo)

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Sliding doors:

This design is more contemporary and is great for modern homes or period homes with a minimalist interior. They are also a popular choice amongst clients who are looking for large wardrobes that maximise the storage space.

Sliding doors wardrobes often have mirrored doors, which can make the space feel bigger and this makes them a suitable option for relatively smaller spaces like the bedrooms. Typical designs include a three-section built-in style, and the final cost will depend on the size of the wardrobes that you choose. Here are some more qualities of sliding door wardrobes that make them a good choice for contemporary homes.

Entry-level – DIY wardrobes – starting from £25 for 4 panels of sliding door frame
Cut on site MDF wardrobes – starting at £1480 per meter for a 2 door sliding wardrobe
Luxury Italian sliding wardrobes – £2,800- £3,600

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Two sections:

This is a simple design and is ideal for small spaces or awkward spaces such as alcoves. Two sections built-in wardrobes offer a great way to maximise storage space and hide clutter.

Entry-level – DIY wardrobes – starting from around £170
Cut on site MDF wardrobes – starting at £1000 per meter
Luxury two-section wardrobes – From £1200 per linear meter

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Six doors:

This style is perfect if you want to transform the whole side of one room into a storage space. Six-door fitted wardrobes are usually made up of three sections, which can have draws and hanging space. If you’re going bespoke, you can pretty much configure the inside layout however it suits you.

Entry-level – DIY wardrobes – starting from around £665
Cut on site MDF wardrobes – starting at £900 per meter
Luxury six-doors wardrobes – starting from £1100 per linear meter

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Fitted Walk-In Wardrobes Cost

There is a general misconception that walk-in wardrobes can only be built in grand spaces but this is far from the truth. When you work with experienced interior designers, they are able to turn even the smallest spaces into a smart walk-in-wardrobe that offers maximum functionality.

A sliding door can be a key feature of your walk-in wardrobe and a fitted wardrobe like this offers you the best of both, closed and open storage for optimal space organisation. Small walk-in wardrobes can often feel cramped which is why we recommend the addition of a full-length mirror that adds to their practicality while making the space feel bright and spacious.

Entry-level – DIY wardrobes – starting from £225 for open storage wardrobes
At FCI London, walk-in wardrobe’s prices start from £1,200 – £1,400 per meter for open storage wardrobes

Factors Affecting Price of Fitted Wardrobe

Please note that these prices are just an estimate and the final price of the wardrobe depends on many factors, including but not limited to:

  • The size of your space
  • The wardrobe finishes that you choose
  • Your wardrobe design
  • The quality of materials that are used in manufacturing of the wardrobe
  • Any additional accessories that you get choose such as pull out jewellery racks or shoe racks
how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Finding a carpenter and fitter

Finding a reliable, quality carpenter and fitter is more important than you might think when it comes to built-in wardrobes. This storage solution should be built to last and needs to be versatile, hardwearing and stylish, hence the wardrobe fitment is critical.

If you’re looking for a built-in wardrobe carpenter and fitter, we can help. We work with a quality team of tradesmen and designers to provide you with a complete service. Whether you’re looking for fitted wardrobes for your own home or for a project, our team is on hand to help you establish the perfect design for your space.

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Do fitted wardrobes have backs?

Fitted wardrobes can be made with and without backs, side and tops. It all depends on the type of space you have and the design that you have in mind. Our designers can work with you to help you decide if a fitted wardrobe with a back or without would be the right choice for you. 

Can old fitted wardrobes be updated?

Both the interior and the exterior of fitted wardrobes can be updated if you’re working with an experienced design team. For example, if your old wardrobe has hinged doors, you can choose to replace them with sliding doors or you can have the doors completely removed to create a walk-in wardrobe. 

Can you move/reattach a fitted wardrobe?

If you’re not too sure about getting a fitted wardrobe because you might want to move it in the future, we offer the perfect solution. A feature that distinguishes our wardrobes from the traditional fitted wardrobes is the level of adaptability offered by our freestanding fitted wardrobes. Made in Italy and built using high-quality German hardware, our wardrobes can give the look of a fitted wardrobe while offering the practicality of a freestanding wardrobe. This means that if you’re moving out or renovating, you can easily take your designer wardrobe wherever you go.

how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK?

Expert Tips on Buying a New Fitted Wardrobe

According to Cristina Chirila, Senior Designer at FCI London, some of the things to keep in mind when buying a new fitted wardrobe are: “Decide whether you want to make the wardrobe stand out as a sit alone piece in the room or do you want to make it blend in? In my opinion, matching the wardrobe to other pieces in the room is overrated. I also recommend clients to pay far more importance to the internal layout than to the external look. And while interior details like internal lighting are important, don’t make them a primary thing on your budget because, with wardrobes, storage should always come first.”

At FCI London, an extraordinary level of personalisation awaits with a choice of 200+ envy-inducing lacquers, veneers and wood finishes and 100+ door styles. Starting at £1250 per metre, our wardrobes have an approximate lead time of 10-12 weeks and our expert wardrobe design team will work with you to find the best design to meet your unique space requirements.

Please visit our Fitted Wardrobes page for more information or head over to our fitted wardrobe price calculator to get a quick quote.