The ultimate when it comes to garden design is a social barbecue and seating area. Allowing you to cook outdoors while entertaining friends and family, designing your barbecue and seating area as one is a great option if you want to ensure you can continue to socialise while cooking outdoors. Many of us would love a stylish and practical barbecue and seating area in our gardens, so why not create your own…

Team… The Fesfoc Kauai Outdoor Kitchen Island Barbecue The Vondom Delta Five Seat Sofa

fesfoc kauai outdoor kitchen island barbecue garden furnitureThis grand island barbecue deserves a large and stylish sofa to match. In a beautiful stainless steel finish this is the ultimate when it comes to barbecues. Ideal if you have a large garden and want to be able to cater to large parties, this barbecue will allow you to continue to socialise with friends and family while you cook, just like an island in a kitchen is used to create a sociable space.

To rival this stunning design, the Delta Five Seat Sofa is a must. Rather than overpowering one another, this stunning pieces will instead compliment each other. This large sofa is equally as sleek as the Kauai barbecue and is perfect to place in front and facing towards the barbecue. Complete the set up with the addition of stylish armchairs to the side, such as the Rest Armchair, also by Vondom. Go for all white with the seating, to perfectly compliment the stainless steel.

Team… The Charcoal Stromboli-Luxury Barbecue & The Cane-line Diamond Tex Sofa

This stunning and simple barbecue is designed to be fitted to the wall, making it perfect if you have a corner of your garden near the house or another building to spare. Choosing a corner space will create a cosy feel, so a sumptuous sofa to complete the look is a must.

To create the ultimate social barbecue area, try placing two Diamond Tex Sofas facing towards the barbecue – one up against the fence or wall that connects to the wall that you fit the barbecue to, and one facing opposite. This will create an intimate space, perfect for hosting small parties among friends and family. If you need to add extra seating, try placing a few armchairs, such as the Cane-line Diamond Weave Armchair opposite the sofa up against the wall and angle the chairs inwards.

Team… The Fesfoc Luxury Stromboli Force-Elegance Barbecue & The Cane-line Cave Swing Sofa

cane line cave swing sofa garden furniture design ideasThis freestanding barbecue is luxurious and sleek, and can be used anywhere you desire in the garden. Perfect to place so that you can cook facing towards your guests, should you need, you could move this barbecue to suit different occasions.

For casual get togethers, why not choose a playful seating option to compliment the freestanding barbecue style. The Cave Swing Sofa is a unique choice and will quickly become the favourite seat in the garden, among both adults and children. With a sheltered canopy above, this is a fantastic choice if you plan on barbecuing in the day as well as the evening, providing that much needed shade from the sun.

Team… The Fesfoc Grills Batur-Elegance Barbecue &  The Stone Sofa and the Sabinas Sofa – both Vondom

This small yet luxurious barbecue can allow the furniture to take centre stage. Petite but super sleek and stylish, this barbecue is a great option for smaller spaces, or if you’d prefer something a bit more subtle when it comes to outdoor cooking.

For the furniture, choose sculptural and unique pieces to add that all important wow factor. Both the Stone and Sabinas Sofas are striking in design and will become the statement pieces in your garden. Place around the barbecue and angle inwards to create a unique and stylish outdoor seating area.

Introducing a barbecue combined with a seating area is the perfect way to start the summer. This setup will allow you to host some amazing feasts and parties, and will ensure you never miss out on the fun, as you can continue to be involved while you cook with these stylish and sociable barbecues.

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