For three centuries, Gaggenau have been unrivalled in the industry of luxury home appliances. Highly sought after and desirable, Gaggenau have set the benchmark for high-end interiors.

A lot of inspiration can be drawn from this pioneering brand. As a game changer in the industry, Gaggenau have set the standards for luxury interiors. This is why they have created the Gaggenau magazine, to provide you with a wealth of inspiration and ideas, to create your very own high-end home…

The Gaggenau Magazine…

Gaggenau recently introduced a Gaggenau Magazine. This is a strikingly beautiful resource, full of design, culture and food inspiration. The first issue of the magazine was published earlier this year.

The aim of the Gaggenau Magazine is to intrigue and inspire you. It allows you to imagine what your dream kitchen and the lifestyle that comes with it. The doors that can be opened and the endless possibilities, through luxury appliances and high-end design. The content not only inspires, it also connects you through stories and conversations, all centred around a passion for quality and the luxury lifestyle.

An example of how Gaggenau does this is through a recent article: ‘Appetite for destruction, the dinner party is dead’. It talks about how making memories in the kitchen, are what dinner parties should be about – experiential dining.

This idea means being able to create an ‘experience design’ studio from your kitchen using food. Food-centric artist Laila Gohar states: ‘Food is linked to memory – it can transport you completely’, when food takes us back to past memories and experiences, we remember things like where we were and who we were with. Taste is powerful, but you only get the perfect taste with the perfect equipment.

Download the Gaggenau magazine here to discover more inspiration, and read the full article:

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Through decades of experience delivering quality design and practical appliances to their customers, Gaggenau are innovative, considering function, practicality and design in all of their appliances.


Gaggenau and FCI…

At FCI we offer a stunning range of Gaggenau home appliances. From baking, coffee and cooking equipment, to cooling and washing appliances, we hand select our products to bring the very best to our customers.  We are proud to sell such an established, a luxury brand recognised as one of the most innovative appliance designers, offering only the very latest technology.

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