Gaggenau is a sleek and sophisticated appliance company that we partner with, giving customers confidence that it not only does the job at hand to perfection, but it also fits beautifully into your home. Similarly to fci London, Gaggenau only include great quality products that ease the pressure of everyday tasks while adding a modern semblance to the room




Blending into the surroundings is a wonderful modern feature that Gaggenau deliver meaning appliances such as an oven system doesn’t have to be centre of attention when it isn’t being used, but still grabbing attention from your dinner guests. Transforming your kitchen and making use of all the space available is essential, so when choosing what appliances to commit to, there are many aspects that need to be considered.


  1. Does it do what you need? Of course, while the physical appearance of an appliance is paramount, it needs to be a useful addition to the room. With products such as the Combi-steam oven 400 series, there are less appliances cluttering your sleek kitchen. With the wide range of products to suit every kitchens needs, there is sure to be the right appliance for the job.


  1. Consistency in design. Fci London and Gaggenau know that you want your interior design to flow, have consistency and simply being appealing to the eye. With the many different styles that can be implemented into your home, we’ve got it all covered. Whether you need a chrome or matte black finish, there is sure to be the right look for you.


  1. Ease of use. The look and design of an appliance is just the start. Yes, having products that look good and having potential to ease your task is important. But fundamentally we all want our appliances to be easy to use without having to read an instruction manual every time. Products such as their washing machine WM 260 is a great example of this, not only does it consume less energy than a regular washing machine which means less noise for them quiet nights. It also uses a iDos system which automatically controls the inflow of liquid detergent and softener, so there is no waste of product, or accidental overload when you’re in a rush.


  1. Trust. Last but not least, having trust in your new appliance could be the most important component to choosing your new fridge-freezer, oven top or extractor fan. Fortunately, fci London have chosen Gaggenau as they have a great reputation dating back nearly 333 years. What started as a small family run business has now become a well-recognised kitchen appliance brand, which only offers that latest in product innovation.
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