A living space is a good place for enjoyment and relaxing. It’s a room set up for discussions, brainstorming of ideas and basically, an area for interaction among friends and loved ones. As a homeowner or someone renting, you would love to enjoy the overall feel the whole room gives out. I know you or one of your friends has visited a place that looked a bit disorganized and claustrophobic. This is not new and there are a variety of reasons for this. Things like small living space with too much furniture, wrong type of fixtures and also an incorrect blend of flooring. This guide will focus more on how flooring and a modern living room should match each other.

What Is Flooring?

Flooring is the type of materials the floor is made with or what is placed on. For example materials like marbles, carpets, wood and tiles.

Nowadays, people pay much attention to the type of flooring that complements the living space. There’s a wide variety of flooring to choose from. For example cement, carpet, natural stones and also wood flooring. Each of these materials has an individual use and beauty. For instance, cement flooring is best for a laundry room because of the frequent use of drainage.


Also, carpeting is ideal for that layering effect it offers and also it helps to turn cold places into warm comfortable areas. They come in different designs and the most popular one being a shaggy mat. It comes in various colours to aid you to complement a living room’s design. A good way of matching up a bright coloured mat is by using a bright coloured floorboard. These two pair up nicely and make the whole living space look more spacious.

Another use of flooring material like a natural stone is to add a luxurious and classy feel to living places and even kitchens. It can be used by darker tones to give out a bolder and simple look in the living space. Not to forget, the use of a similar type of flooring will add a pleasant look in your living room that enhances continuity.

Living Room Flooring

Blending Different Textures

Furthermore, the number of texture and colours are important. They help you come up with a more personalized design. You are able to play around with different colours that complement the interior furniture. If you decide to choose a dark coloured hardwood floor, it ‘s best to avoid brightly coloured tiles. The best thing to do when matching up your flooring to complement the living space is to use similar undertones of wood and tiles. A dark hardwood blends well with a beige hue making your room look flawless and in tandem.

Lastly, using not more than three types of flooring is recommended. If you use more, your whole living space will look too busy and not eye-pleasing. Also, less helps to avoid that colliding appearance.  Imagine entering a room that seems cluttered any yet it’s not? This is definitely a no-no and should be avoided at all times. Whether you want to play with different types of flooring materials.

Living Room Flooring

To finish up, choosing the correct flooring material will have a major effect on the general look of the living room. Never ever use more than three types of materials to aid to avoid a clustered type of appearance and feel. Also, there is a wide range of colours for you to choose from. It’s good to test out different colour shades that blend in well together. A similar type of tone is a great way to match up your colours. You never know how your living space might just light up someone else’s mood immensely.

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