A tranquil and comfortable bedroom is essential to your well being. In creating a space that you can relax in and completely switch off, you can ensure you get the best possible nights sleep. Contemporary design is ideal for a bedroom, as a fuss freestyle will help you create a space that’s free from distraction. Look no further than Cattelan Italia when it comes to your bedroom furniture and decor. Specialising in high-end contemporary design, these pieces by Cattelan Italia will ensure your bedroom is beautiful as well as comfortable…

The Bed…

The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it’s well worth investing in a good quality piece. Not just for aesthetic purposes, the quality of your bed will also impact on the quality of your sleep. Here are three fantastic styles that are of premium quality, comfortable and striking…

Nelson Bed

Simple and chic, the Nelson Bed is low to the ground with an oriental feel. Available in a mid or dark wood, the design is inspired by the ever-changing natural landscape and features straight sections as well as flowing curves. The design is softened with an upholstered headboard, available in both synthetic and real leather in a variety of shades. Studies show that we sleep better when close to the ground, making this the perfect option for a good nights sleep and a stylish bedroom.

Amadeus Bed

Beds don’t come much more sleek and contemporary than this. Showcasing the very best in Italian design, the Amadeus Bed has a striking presence about it, but also offers maximum comfort. Elegant and minimal, the bed is upholstered in either soft or synthetic leather, and the legs can be finished in white, matt bronze or graphite embossed. Finally, the stitched detail to the headboard adds interest and a sculptural finish.

The Ludovic Bed

If you’re looking for something simple, contemporary and stylish, look no further than the Ludovic Bed. Available in over 150 different finishes, go for something neutral for a relaxing finish, or something colourful that’s bold and punchy. With a large headboard, the shape curves forward a little towards the sides, making you feel cosy and safe as if closed in a little and protected from the world while you sleep. Choose from graphite, bronze embossed lacquered steel or white legs to finish your design.


Bedside Tables

Providing much needed storage, bedside tables are practical pieces of furniture, but they can be beautiful too. These designs by Cattelan Italia offer function and form, and will make the perfect piece to place either side of your bed….

Dante Bedside Table

This clever design offers concealed storage and display space. Featuring a sliding door that allows you to easy access both sides of the table, as well as conceal all those bedside bits and bobs that you don’t want on display, the Dante Bedside Table has an industrial and contemporary feel. Available in white or graphite embossed lacquered wood, and a base in white or graphite embossed steel, it’s easy to create the perfect finish to suit your scheme.

Dyno Bedside Table

Squat and chunky, the Dyno Bedside Table is full of character and charm. Available in over 60 different door finishes and 3 different frame finishes, the opportunities are endless. Featuring two deep drawers, the bedside table is supported on stainless steel feet that are set at an angle. The drawer fronts have been finished in soft leather to add texture and interest, and the table itself comes in a variety of sizes so that you can find your perfect fit.

Ciro Bedside Table

This unique bedside table is lifted off the ground on a single leg stand. The openness of the design will add to the feeling of space in the room, drawing the eye the full length of the floor. At first glance, the Ciro Bedside Table appears simple, but upon closer inspection, the small details add interest, such as the subtle cutout to the front, and leather finished drawers. Finally, this bedside table is available in over 60 different colours and finishes. Your bed and bedside tables are the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom, so settle on these first before you go ahead and plan the entire scheme. Choosing a premium quality bed and bedside tables will ensure you cover practicality, comfort and style in one go. Cattelan Italia really delivers when it comes to creating a functional and beautiful contemporary bedroom.

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