The living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, making it well worth putting the extra effort into creating the perfect space to relax and unwind. Where possible, keep your sitting room a kids free space, keeping it primarily for adults and creating a luxurious and high-end finishes.

As leaders in the luxury furniture industry, Cattelan Italia has everything you need to create a stylish and contemporary living room. Here are a few key pieces to consider, and how to style them to create the ultimate stylish sitting room…

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Living Room Seating…

The addition of a couple of luxurious armchairs to your living room will completely change the look and dynamics. Alongside your large and sumptuous sofa, introduce a pair of matching armchairs and position towards the coffee table to create a comfortable and sociable space. Here are a few standout armchair designs from Cattelan Italia:

The Musa Armchair

Named after a ‘muse’ – an inspiration to artists, musicians and designers – the Musa Armchair is a truly inspiring piece. With a beautiful upholstered seat with high back and curved arms, the Musa base is wide and sturdy, yet the legs are sleek and strong. Available in over 100 different combinations, the soft pleating to the back of this chair adds subtle detail, while maintaining the contemporary style.

The Tyler Armchair

Soft and with round and shapely edges, the Tyler Armchair is sophisticated and stylish. On strong but slim wood legs, this armchair will enhance both modern and more traditional sitting rooms. Available in over 100 different finishes, choose a neutral shade to add subtle sophistication, or something dark and moody to add a sense of drama.

Living Room Coffee Tables…

Your coffee table is a key piece of furniture in your living room. Often becoming the centerpiece, taking extra time and care over this decision is well worth it. Typically placed in the centre of the room with the seating arranged around it, consider your entire scheme when it comes to choosing a coffee table, or choose something that you can build your scheme around. These Cattelan Italia Coffee tables will have a striking presence in your sitting room:

Vinyl Coffee Table

Solid and simple with a number of different finishes available, the Vinyl Coffee Table perfectly balances luxury materials with industrial design. Featuring a metal cross base and a round top, the curved edges make this coffee table great to ensure good flow around the space, which is particularly effective in smaller rooms.

Lothar Coffee Table

This coffee table is a real statement piece and blurs the lines between solid furniture and open space. The Lothar Coffee Table is of a contemporary square design and has a solid top and base, and slated sides to add interest and create the illusion of space.The base is graphite embossed and the top is made from walnut canaletto. The top offers plenty of table space, while the base provides much needed storage.

Living Room Storage…

Sitting room storage comes in all shapes and sizes, and what you choose really depends on your own unique needs. From bookcases and sideboards, to TV units, getting the storage right in your living room is essential to creating a harmonious and clutter free space. The Cattelan Italia storage options provide stylish solutions:

The Seneca TV Unit

Sleek and contemporary with a midcentury feel, the Seneca TV Unit provides just the right amount of concealed storage and display space. On short and subtle legs, when lifted off the ground large pieces of furniture help to enhance the feeling of space in the room. Choose from white or graphite for the base, and wood, white or graphite for the top. We love the combination of a wood top and white or graphite base, but if you prefer to create a super sleek finish, go for a matching top and base.

The Airport Bookcase

This unique and clever design can be extremely versatile and is a striking design statement. The Airport Bookcase features a unique arrangement of shelves to keep the feeling of openness within the space. The design has an industrial edge with a black frame and dark wood shelving. As this piece is mounted to the floor and ceiling, it can also be used as a way to divide spaces in an open plan room. Investing in just a few key luxury pieces can completely transform your living room. Enhancing both the look and the function, with Cattelan Italia it is possible to create a high-end sitting room that’s also practical and a joy to spend time in.

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