When it comes to interior design, the dining room can sometimes be overlooked. Often a room that is only used for special occasions, it’s all too easy to shut the door on this room and forget that it needs an overhaul. However, a luxurious dining room can really add to the functionality of your home. Providing a beautiful space to host dinner parties and family get together, the dining room shouldn’t be left unloved. Instead it should be celebrated and cherished, to create a room that’s a joy to be in and perfect for intimate settings. With this in mind, here’s how to create the perfect luxury dining using pieces from the renowned Cattelan Italia…

The Dining Table

Generally the largest piece of furniture in your dining room and the focal point, this is arguably the most important thing to get right in your dining room. The dining table is a place where everyone will gather, so it’s important to consider multiple elements to ensure you make the right decision for your space. Consider size, style and shape when choosing the perfect luxury dining table. Here are a few key styles to consider from Cattelan Italia:

The Premier Marble Fixed Table

Featuring symmetrical legs and a polished white carrara marble table top, the Premier Marble Fixed Table is a real statement piece. Available in two sizes, this luxury dining table will add a wow factor to your dining room, while maintaining a sophisticated and contemporary style.

Skorpio Wood Fixed Table by Cattelan Italia

The Skorpio Wood Fixed Table

This design perfectly blends classic and industrial elements to create a completely unique piece. The Skorpio Wood Fixed Table is available in four versatile sizes and makes for the perfect statement dining table. With geometric angles to the base and a solid and sleek wood top, you may find this table paves the way for your entire scheme.

Planer Round Fixed Table

A round table is a great option for creating a super social dining area. Ideal for open plan kitchen diners or smaller dining rooms, round tables are versatile and ensure that everyone at the table can clearly see each other for greater intimacy. The Planer Round Fixed Table is set on a sturdy and squat base with sleek but chunky legs that meet at the bottom before flaring out. The top can be made in a variety of finishes, including glass and bronze options.

The Dining Chairs

Another important design element of the dining room is your dining chairs. Often taking a back seat from the dining table, your dining chairs can enhance your scheme while also being fully functional. It’s important to consider design as well as comfort, both of which these dining chairs by Cattelan Italia have covered:

Rita Dining Chair

Sleek, simple and sophisticated, the Rita Dining Chair is the perfect option if you’re looking for something in between traditional and modern. This timeless design comes in over 100 different colour options, so that you can compliment your scheme perfectly. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a dining chair that doesn’t overpower your table, but still adds to your overall design.

Piuma Edition Dining Chair

Add a pop of colour and make your dining chairs a design statement, with the Piuma Edition Dining Chair. Available in over 20 different finishes, with this simple design it’s all about the quality materials. Upholstered in soft and luxurious leather, these chairs present a great opportunity to add interest with another material to your design, while maintaining a contemporary style.

Mulan Swivelling Chair

With a deep rounded back and wide seat, the Mulan Swivelling Chair is the ultimate luxurious dining chair. Ideal for large tables where space isn’t an issue, this stylish chair has a mid-century feel to it. With legs that extend out from the base and a soft upholstered top, the contrast between the base and the seat can be enhanced further or made more subtle depending on your choice of finishes.

Dining Room Storage…

A sideboard is the perfect accompanying dining room storage option. Stylish and sophisticated, sideboards usually sit quite low and provide great display space as well as concealed storage space. Ideal for hosting your best tableware, place mats, bar ware and cutlery, a sideboard will help you add that all important finishing touch. The range of sideboards from Cattelan Italia won't disappoint:

The Metropol Sideboard

This is the ultimate in luxury sideboards. In a beautiful marbled ceramic finish, the The Metropol Sideboard oozes sophistication. On small legs, the design helps enhance the feeling of space and has a modern midcentury feel. Offering just the right amount of space for dining room storage, this sleek design is eye catching with an organic edge.

The Dakota Sideboard

Available in four sizes, you can choose whether to go big or small when it comes to the Dakota Sideboard. Available in a mid or light wood, the finish will add instant warmth and timeless style to your dining room. Versatile and functional, choose from taller options with a shelf underneath, or the more traditional low to the ground sideboard style.

Chelsea Sideboard by Cattelan Italia

The Chelsea Sideboard

Unique and sculptural, the Chelsea Sideboard is minimalistic but with unusual design features. With curved edges and bent legs, this piece is all about shape and form. To style, keep simple and place against a white wall, or create contrast by placing in front of a dark wall. Add a mirror above and an oversized vase to finish.

As you can see, achieving striking luxurious design with Cattelan Italia is made simple. Investing in key quality pieces with a luxury finish will instantly enhance your dining space and make it a joy to spend time in.

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