Being able to switch off and unwind in the home is essential to your health, happiness and well-being. When it comes to creating a space that you can completely shut off in, interior design plays an integral role. Various aspects of your home can dramatically influence how you feel, such as the colours that you use, the amount of natural light available, the textures and surfaces, and the level of comfort. 

To create a space at home where you can really unwind, there are a few key things to consider, most importantly of all, comfortable seating…

The Interior Design Relaxation Rules

donovan chaise lounge by cattelan italiaConsider one of the busier rooms in your house, such as the kids’ playroom or the kitchen. There’s usually a lot of bright light, and in some cases clutter and lots of colour. These kind of spaces make you feel wide awake and energised, and sometimes over stimulated. 

A lot of light, colour and lots going on is the opposite of what you want for a relaxing space. Instead consider a calming colour palette of warm rich tones such as caramels, plaster pink and taupes, or go neutrals for muted neutrals – think soft taupe instead of white or sand instead of cream. 

Furniture and natural light should be kept to a minimum too. Blackout blinds that you can pull down during the day to get some quiet time are a must. A simple sofa and chic chaise lounge with a side table to place a book and glass of water are all you need. Soften the look with comfy cushions and a couple of throws in the same calming and comforting colour palette. 

The Cattelan Italia Chaise Lounges

The perfect piece of furniture for relaxation is a chaise lounge. Adding a subtle sophistication to your space, a chaise lounge will not only be a beautiful addition, it will also ensure you experience maximum comfort. 

When it comes to selecting a chaise lounge to relax on, look no further than Cattelan Italia. Here are a few pieces to consider…

The Donovan Chaise Lounge by Cattelan Italia

With gentle curves and a light frame, The Donovan Chaise Lounge offers the perfect place to relax and unwind. Allowing you to lean right back and sit quietly with your eyes closed, or with a good book, this is the ultimate in relaxation.

Featuring a minimal and modern design, the frame is sleek and slender, achieving the perfect balance between function and style. Available in base options of white embossed or graphite embossed, the seat can be finished in over 120 different fabrics and colours. 

The Sylvester Chaise Lounge by Cattelan Italia 

sylvester chaise lounge by cattelan italiaAppearing as if it floats above the ground, this unique chaise lounge will ensure a light and airy feel to your relaxation room. Luxury meets comfort with the Sylvester Chaise Lounge. With an S-shaped silhouette, this chaise is far more than just a design statement. The seat perfectly hugs the contours of the body and supports the spine, for maximum comfort. 

Made from stainless steel and wood, the chaise can be covered either in soft genuine leather or synthetic leather. It’s also available in over 60 colour options, so you can add to the dark and cosy feel of your room, or keep the look light and neutral. 

The Casanova Chaise Lounge by Cattelan Italaia 

Comfort is well and truly covered with the Casanova Chaise Lounge. Featuring a swivelling seat and ergonomic design, this is the perfect piece for lounging and relaxing. That being said, design and aesthetics certainly aren’t overlooked. On a simple metal base, the chair has been upholstered and is available in a variety of finishes including super soft leather and even a faux pony skin. 

The addition of the padded cushion to the headrest makes this the ideal chaise to fall asleep in after reading a good book or enjoying a whisky on the rocks. The design is striking and beautiful, while the chair itself offers the ultimate in relaxation.

A chaise lounge is a real investment piece and will greatly enhance your relaxation experience at home. Cattelan Italia are leading designers and makers of premium chaise lounges, where neither style nor function are ever compromised.

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