For most of the people choosing color combination for anything is exciting, but unknowingly it is a complicated task. People differ on tastes and their lifestyle in home, with lots of colors available, choosing primary color is simple but secondary color as its combination makes it tougher. As a furniture designers, we do face lot of customers with same problem. Here, we listed some point that could help anyone in choosing color combination for home furniture.

home furniture color combination

What kind of lifestyle do you like to have?

To have perfect lifestyle for your room, you need to select the mood you want to live. While doing this, you have to be cautious on the color combination, as that sets the complete tone for your bedroom. For instance, when you choose red a primary color, bright red will give enthusiasm, whereas wine red changes the tone as luxury end. If you want a room to be pleasant, then choose light colors that keeps you in walk on cake mood. For enthusiastic or part kind of mood, go for dark colors that keeps you fresh every morning you wake up.

Meanwhile, these things has to be chosen between the size of a house, which can either be larger or a contemporary modern apartment. Based on these things you pick the size and style of the furniture.


What are the elements you must consider?

If you’re a kind of person who changes furniture often based on the new arrival to the market, you can consider the elements like style, attractive, minimum cost and color you would like to prefer. At the same time, when you bought a furniture which has to be used for year to come, then be firm on the durability of the furniture product. Let that furniture be a member in your home.

If still can’t visualize how things are going to happen, we at FCI London have latest 3D illustration technology to demonstrate potential of any house to the fullest and design your home with perfect interior with furniture.


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